Adult Bible Fellowship Groups Make a Difference 

connect-150Bible Fellowship Groups is really just another name for Sunday School. But we think it is a more descriptive name. Here’s why: Each Bible Fellowship Group is centered around studying the Bible. Learning more about God’s word is a key to growing in maturity and in knowledge of Jesus Christ. But fellowship is also a key component of every class. Relationships are formed, friends are made, and a community is created. This is the community you can rely on when a crisis strikes. They are the ones who will be there to bring you a meal or jump start your car, or even just give you an encouraging word.

Get Involved

Won’t you try out a Bible Fellowship Group? To find one that’s right for you, take a look at our Adult Bible Fellowship Groups. At Sugar Creek, we believe so strongly in Bible Fellowship Groups that our pastor even says – if you can only give us one hour on Sunday morning, he’d rather you give it to Bible Fellowship Group than to the worship service. Have you ever heard a pastor say that? But the reason is because if you are involved in Bible Fellowship, we know that your needs are being met. If you are only involved in worship, we’re not sure we can meet those needs in such a large group setting.

Get Involved – Through Service

There are so many opportunities to serve at Sugar Creek, there is no reason that everyone can’t find a place where they fit. We believe the church only functions correctly when all of its members are serving God together. Contact any of the ministry areas for information on how you may serve.