What is Urban Camp?
What Happens at Urban Camp?


BOYS – August 7 – 10  at Carolina Creek Christian Camp

GIRLS – August 10 – 13  at Carolina Creek Christian Camp


July 23 – 26 at Carolina Creek Christian Camp


August 21-23 at Carolina Creek Christian Camp

This is Sugar Creek’s 22nd year of conducting a free, high impact, Christian Camp for inner city Houston kids. This year features a three day camp for elementary children, a four day camp for Middle School, both at Carolina Creek in Huntsville, and two separate four day camps for High School students held at Blinn College. Huddle Leaders are needed to invest in the lives of these kids during camp. Training for Huddle Leaders is provided. Challenge your ABF class to be a part of the Urban Camp Experience for 2013. We will minister to over 400 kids this year!

Urban Camp Forms and More

Huddle Leader Information

A Word from the Camp Director


Items Neededgirls-300

New (Unused)

  • Twin Sheet Set fitted/flat/pillowcase
  • Toiletries (trial size) toothpaste, toothbrush, bar soap, deodorant
  • “Bull Frog” sunscreen w/insect repellent (Walmart)
  • Gatorade (powdered)
  • Bottled Water

Items can be dropped off in the treasure chest at the missions kiosk .

Leave donated items at the Missions Kiosk in the Commons area.
Any questions contact: Tiffany Every at 281-242-2858 or tevery@sugarcreek.net.

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What is Urban Camp?

Urban Camp is an outreach of Sugar Creek Baptist Church and other partnering churches from across Houston. The camp has served over 4000 youth since it began in 1990. Urban Camp allows young boys and girls who may be growing up in an ‘at-risk’ environment to participate in an outstanding Christian camp experience. Campers are brought to the truth of who God is and what He desires for their lives, and given skills and support necessary to live a meaningful life in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

What happens at Urban Camp?

Each camp is uniquely designed for each age group to speak into the lives of the young people in our charge. Our days are full of fun activities and our evening worship services are a dynamic celebration!

Youth Coed Camp  – July 23-26

4th, 5th & 6th graders also attend Carolina Creek Christian Camp outside of Huntsville, TX. Campers will enjoy water slides, archery, ropes courses, zip lines and canoes. Over the 4 days at camp our campers will participate in 3 interactive workshops directly addressing the specific challenges of preteens.

Advanced Camp

BOYS – August 7 – 10  at Carolina Creek Christian Camp
GIRLS – August 10 – 13  at Carolina Creek Christian Camp

7th – 10th graders in the Advanced Camps will attend the beautiful Carolina Creek Christian Camp. They will play team sports and enjoy guest speakers leading interactive workshops addressing the day to day life of a teen.

Multi-Cultural Camp – August 14-16

Campers from other cultures well attend Carolina Creek Christian Camp outside of Huntsville, TX. 

Huddles and Huddle Leaders

The key to the success of Urban Camp is the “huddle.” Every boy and girl is a part of a huddle of 8-12 campers with “at least” 2 Huddle Leaders. The huddle will eat together, sleep in the same cabin, participate in activities together, and discover spiritual truths from God’s Word in small group discussions. Each huddle leader must complete an application, be an adult that demonstrates Christian character, and attend a training session.

Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca and I met at Arizona Fleming Elementary in the Fall of 2007. She was repeating the 4th grade and I was to be her mentor. I soon learned that she struggled with Reading & Math but her teacher’s primary concern was Rebecca’s spirit. Her self esteem was very low. This child had faced some great difficulties and even greater heartaches in her young life. I became a mentor with hopes of sharing Jesus with a child. However as a volunteer in the public school I was bound by the district rules not to discuss spiritual matters with students. I wasn’t sure where all this would go but gave it to the Lord to use me according to His plan & purpose. I could always pray for her~and that’s what I did. We met for 1 hour every week to work on her academics, eat lunch together, play cards or just talk. The school year ended and Rebecca was advanced to the 5th grade. A great accomplishment! I was so proud of her. Again bound by school policy I could not meet with Rebecca outside of the school campus over the summer so we parted with plans to “hook up” again the following school year.

September 2008 we picked up right where we had left off. Rebecca was maturing and our conversations developed a little more depth. She wanted to know about relationships, how to deal with disappointments and social challenges. She wanted to know more about me and what I “did”. I told her about the Christian Urban Camp that I coordinate every summer. She was intrigued and said she had never been to camp. I couldn’t discuss it much further with her, but I did pray that God would provide a way for her to come to this camp where she could be exposed to all the faith issues I had always wanted to discuss with her, but couldn’t.   I told the administration about our free camp and got permission to give Rebecca an application to deliver to her Father. Initially, she was denied permission to attend. We were both very disappointed but accepted the decision. I continued to pray and God continued to work over the next few months! Dad eventually decided that Rebecca could go to Urban Camp. She had a wonderful time, telling me “I just love this place!” It was fun watching her make new friends, laugh, play and learn. On the last night of camp, she received Jesus into her heart. It was banner day and a life changing experience for both of us.