2018 Servicio de Ordenación

El 6 de mayo de 2018 Sugar Creek mostró su apoyo a estos hombres y sus familias en una Celebración de Compromiso en nuestro Servicio de Ordenación.

2018 Ordination Service

On May 6, 2018 Sugar Creek showed its support of these men and their families in a Celebration of Commitment at our Ordination Service. The five newly ordained men committed to, and successfully completed, a year-long study of God’s Word led by Pastor Clif Cummings. In April they sat for and passed the Oral

Sugar Creek Ranked in Top 100

Sugar Creek Baptist Church is one of 20 Southern Baptist congregations ranked in the top 100 fastest growing and largest participating churches in the U.S..

Defender’s Declaration

You can renounce all forms of sexual immorality including pornography and any form of entertainment that are degrading and impure. Read this declaration and find more resources to combat sexual impurity.

Christians Speak Up

Join our effort to create a communication network facilitating Christ-like and effective communication between individuals and government officials regarding religious liberty and Biblical moral issues.

Can We Pray for You?

We are ready to pray for you. Visit our new prayer page to enter your prayer request and pray for others too.