Sugar Land Campus

Sugar Land Campus

Buckets of Love

This summer, we would like you and your family to participate in a donation drive called “Buckets of Love.”

Prison Hygiene Items Needed

Once again, our church is helping indigent men at local prisons who don’t have the funds to purchase the hygiene items they need to stay sanitary.  

Truth Matters Bible Study

Both TRUTH MATTERS morning and mid-day Bible Studies will resume on August 7, 2024! The Men's Morning Study begins at 7 AM. The Mid-Day Study for men and women begins at Noon!

Sugar Land Shuttle Service

Have you been told there are no free rides in life? At the Sugar Land Campus, we offer you just that. For your convenience on Sunday mornings, FREE shuttle bus service runs continuously from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Simply park at one of two locations:


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Short Term Mission Trips

New missions trips for 2024 are available for your opportunity to work with world-class partners actively engaged in discipleship.

Life Change Assessment

Sugar Creek has developed and now offers a free, anonymous and confidential online assessment tool that identifies six key areas of spiritual growth which we've captured in the acronym - CHANGE.

Watch A Beautiful Day At Creek Kids

Led by Pastor Jeff Land, the Creek Kids team has developed a video teaching series using one of the friendliest characters in TV history to relay the message, Mr. Rodgers.

Reach Campaign – Sugar Land

The REACH Beyond campaign represents the next defining moment for our church as we raise $5.7 million dollars to reach people for Christ in our area and around the world.