Care Ministry

Sugar Creek Baptist Church offers Biblical Counseling to promote the emotional and spiritual health of individuals, marriages and families along with biblically based Premarital and Marriage Coaching.

We have multiple ministers trained in biblical counseling who will offer a listening ear and compassionate heart to coach you through personal issues, preparing for marriage, marital/family conflicts and times of bereavement.

We also provide resources and referrals outside the church office for psychotherapy diagnosing and mental health issues.

To make an appointment, please contact our Pastoral Care office by completing one of the following forms:

(Counselors at Sugar Creek Baptist Church are not Licensed Professional Counselors or recognized as such by the state of Texas.)


A Sugar Creek minister is on-call and available to you 24 hours a day and seven days a week should you need help. In an emergency situation or after hours, please call 281.242.2858 and the voice mail system will guide you through each step. Once you’ve left a message, then a minister will be paged and return your call.

Please use discernment when placing calls at night and limit these to urgent needs such as emergency hospitalization or the death of a loved one.


The Care Ministry office keeps a daily log of those members in the area hospitals.


Our Ministry Staff and Deacons, as well as trained volunteers are encouraged to visit those who are in the hospital when it is appropriate per the family’s request. Our Deacon Hospital Visitation Ministry Team registers new volunteers and provides periodic training to those who desire to visit the sick in the hospital. The Deacon team reports new trained volunteers to the Care Ministry office to add to our distribution list for the daily hospital listing.

Hospital Visitation Guidelines

Care Ministry provides Biblical counseling provided by the Pastoral Care Ministry Director, Debbie Perry. Debbie has her undergraduate degree in Biblical Counseling, and her Master of Arts degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. By appointment, we will offer a safe place, listening ear and compassionate heart as we work through personal issues, marital concerns or bereavement support following a thorough assessment. We also provide resources and referrals outside the church office for psychotherapy diagnosing of mental health issues.

Download our Intake Form and Release Form, complete them, and bring them to your first appointment.

The Care Ministry Director will meet with our Church members and regular attenders by appointment to discuss their financial difficulties and appropriately assess and direct each person to resources for help. Sugar Creek refers non-members to Second Mile Mission Center for financial, food and clothing assistance. Second Mile Mission Center services Fort Bend County residents. The Care Ministry office has Resource Listings for Fort Bend County and Harris County. Benevolence help is defined as those expenses that directly affect the family’s ability to shelter in place: rent, utilities, food, and other critical needs to be determined by the Care Ministry Director, one of our Pastors, and/or Deacon Benevolence Ministry Team.

The Care Ministry office also has funeral planning resources and directing a family who desires help planning the funeral of a loved one. If a funeral or memorial service is desired at Sugar Creek Baptist Church, it will be necessary for the bereaved family to contact the Care Ministry office to discuss availability and feasibility, schedule, direct and contact participants in the service, ie. officiant pastor, musicians, creative communication staff, and facilities. If a guest pastor is requested to officiate a service at Sugar Creek, that pastor must be approved by our Lead Pastor, and one of the Sugar Creek Pastors will co-officiate the service. The Care Ministry office will discuss the options for church space availability based on the Church calendar of events. The Care Ministry Director will offer counseling and direction during and after the service. If additional assistance is needed in selecting mortuaries or other educational information, feel free to discuss this in the Care Ministry office. Our Care Resource Library online, provides some website information for local mortuaries.

Download our Funeral Protocol.

The Care Ministry has initiated the Senior Care Connection thanks to the hearts of church members who desire to visit our Senior Adults who are homebound and/or residing in the area assisted living centers and nursing homes. This is a ministry of lay leaders in our Church. There are opportunities to serve in this ministry area by inquiring and interviewing with the Care Ministry Director. New volunteers will shadow one of our experienced leaders and be introduced to those we serve. The new volunteer will quietly observe a visit before visiting on their own and they will be assigned a Senior to visit and call. All volunteers will email a brief report of their visit to the Care Ministry office and the lay leadership. Pastoral Care Ministry mails audio CDs of our Pastor’s Sermon Messages and our note of encouragement to those members we serve.  Senior Adult members who are no longer able to attend our services and are not online (no computer) can request to receive the CD ministry items, or this is offered when Pastoral Care makes contact with our Senior Adults who are homebound.  If communion is desired, one of our Pastors or Deacons will be glad to visit and take the elements to our homebound.