Creek KidsYour family’s safety and security are a top priority for us at Sugar Creek. Over the past few days, you might have seen an article implicating some Southern Baptist Churches for not properly protecting their vulnerable attendees. That’s not the case at Sugar Creek. Our ministries rely on a safety and security protocol that is designed to keep your kids safe.

Key points of our safety and security policy:

  • Criminal Background Checks: Our first line of defense is background checking any person who works with children. If a criminal background check cannot be performed, we do not allow the person to work with children.
  • Waiting Period: One of the ways that child predators find their way into churches is by volunteering to work with children. While we always are recruiting volunteers, we do not allow people to volunteer until they have been actively attending our church for at least 6 months. Most child predators will move on if they are not able to have instant access to children.
  • Female-Only Diaper Changers: No men are ever allowed to change diapers in our church. In fact, we rely on our thoroughly screened and vetted childcare workers to do diaper changing.
  • Volunteer Buddy System: We have a strict policy of always having at least 2 workers in the classrooms at all times. No volunteer should ever be alone with a child.
  • Open Classroom Rule: All of our classrooms have windows on doors to allow supervision of what is happening in the classrooms.
  • Screening Process: We interview all volunteers and childcare workers through a careful screening process.
  • Abuse Prevention: We notify authorities if we ever suspect abuse.

Staff hiring policy

Finally, we want to assure you that no person is ever hired to work at Sugar Creek without passing an extensive criminal background check. Every staff member is thoroughly vetted, and references are always checked. We do our very best to keep your family safe.

How you can help

No policies and procedures can ever be foolproof, but we will do our best to always protect your children. It is important that you as a parent educate your children on proper touch and always keep the lines of communication open for your child to come to you. You may always reach out to Jeff Land, Children’s Pastor or Abe Haley, Student Pastor if you ever have concerns about any of our church programs. A detailed list of our policies may be found here.