Childcare Guidelines for Parents document

Safety is a core value of Creek Kids ministry. We work hard to ensure the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual safety of each child. Our written policies and routine practices are designed to strengthen security and to keep the children safe.

Security cameras and restricted access to classroom areas help us protect the children. In addition, our check-in system is an important element of our security plan. When a child is checked in using our state-of-the-art computer system, he or she receives a name tag with a randomly generated security number. The parent or adult with the child also receives a tag printed with that same number. The child will be released only to the adult who has the matching security tag. It has been our experience that parents understand and appreciate the measures we take to ensure their child’s safety.

All Creek Kids volunteers and staff submit to a criminal background check. In addition, our staff and volunteers are trained in our written abuse prevention policies and discipline policies.

You may find those policies here.

Should you ever have any questions or concerns about our policies, please do not hesitate to contact Creek Kids at 281-242-2858 or creekkids@sugarcreek.net.

Creek Kids Self Check-in

Self Check-in is an option for child check-in that help us prevent crowds or lines—and that helps our church reach more people! Self check-in is faster for you and will allow more personal attention to new families.  

Read more about Self Check-in here.



There are many great resources available to help parent disciple their child. While this list is not an exhaustive list of books, we hope it will give you some good support as you continue to work to fulfill your purpose in parenting.

Many of these can be found in our Waters’ Edge Resource Center.

Please remember that your greatest resource is your equipping and empowering by the God who called you to parent the children He loves so much.

You may find those resources here.