Mastering Conflict Resolution in Marriage and Relationships

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Saturday, September 28
9 AM – 5 PM
Sugar Land Campus Chapel
Includes Lunch

Mastering Conflict Resolution in Marriage and Relationships
Deepening Love & Understanding

Conflict can devastate a healthy relationship if not dealt with properly.
Conflict is inevitable, so join us to learn how to masterfully deal with disagreements.

Are you:
* Tired of the same old arguments?
* Feeling hopeless in conflict situations?
* Feeling misunderstood?
* Feeling neglected and alone?

Couples will learn to:

  • Build confidence in handling the most difficult issues.
  • Build intimacy in our relationships, by learning how to express hurt and anger successfully and effectively
  •  Invite others to truly listen, understand, and empathize.
  •  Respond to each other’s needs and bring healing to each other’s hearts, using the HEAR Process.
  • Know how to get immediate healing through understanding.
  • Experience freedom from repeating the same old arguments, in the same old way.
  • Create a desire to change old, unproductive patterns.

Presenters: John Moncrief
Deborah Moncrief, LCSW, LMFT