The Sanctuary Class

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The Sanctuary Class

Impacting the Local Community Through Foster Care and Adoption

September 27, 2023
6:15 – 8:15 PM

Adult Ministry Building
Room E100
Snacks provided

Childcare provided – Please Register for Childcare with the provided link upon registration confirmation.
Registration closes 09/26/2023.

This life changing class will help you understand the needs in our own community, uncover the biblical foundations for moving toward hard places and broken people and share many ways to actively engage in their care. Participants may discover how their unique skills and passions can be channeled to impact lives and truly make a lasting difference in the lives of vulnerable children through:

  • Alternative Care providers- Volunteers qualified to provide short-term childcare for foster parents.
  • Respite Care- Volunteers who can help take these kiddos in for a weekend to give foster parents a much needed respite from the front lines.
  • Fostering
  • Adoption
  • Support care to foster and adoptive families in Fort Bend County