Transformation Prayer Ministry Seminar

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Friday, August 2, 9am-5pm
Saturday, August 3, 9am-2pm

Student Ministry Building


Join us for a two-day seminar to become equipped in Transformation Prayer Ministry.

Life is challenging, and the scars that we bear are painful; but there is good new! By His stripes we are healed! Our Heavenly Father is ready to speak His truth into the pain of our past so that we may experience healing, restoration, and true transformation.

TPM provides a frame of reference for viewing life difficulties from a heavenly perspective and offers a teachable method of cooperating with God in His refining work. Transformation Prayer Ministry allows every member of the body of Christ to intentionally participate with God in His faith refining process, bringing about mind renewal, genuine transformation and the effortless bearing of the fruit of the Spirit! There are thousands of testimonies of changed lives and restored identities as a result of the TPM process.

This training is free; however, registration is required.