The December 2020 – January 2021 Study is the Book of Luke

Dear Theophilus: The Gospel According to Luke
Few books of the Bible are more read and more beloved than the Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John predominantly focus on and provide invaluable insights into the earthly ministry of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, God in flesh. Through their eyes we watch as angels deliver the divine announcements of Jesus’ incarnation and birth. Through their ears we listen as Jesus taught His truth to the few and to the multitudes. Through their words we see the crown of thorns, hear the mockery, and sense the weight of the roughhewn cross Jesus bore to Golgotha. Through their hearts we experience the cruel, but divinely predestined anguish of Christ’s crucifixion. Through their hope we receive the promise of eternal salvation as validated by the empty tomb. From December through February we will glance over the shoulder of Theophilus, so to speak, as we read Luke’s historical storytelling, true stories he’d compiled through multiple eyewitness accounts. Luke was a physician by trade and a factual historian by nature. Though Luke’s name is not attached to this epistle (letter) written to Theophilus, it is distinctly implied in Acts 1:1 where Luke identifies his second narrative of post-resurrection events as addressed to the same person. The name Theophilus means “the friend of God.” During this quarter, we will cover Chapters 1-9.
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