How Old is the Universe?

Christians believe that God created the universe out of nothing. We believe God directed every aspect of His creation. We believe that Genesis One is one of the many creation accounts in the Bible and should be treated as actual history. We believe in a literal Adam and Eve.

However, one of the creation components that Christians do not agree upon is the age of the universe. How long of a process did God take in His creation? Some believe in an instantaneous creation. Some believe in a 144 hour creation process. Some believe God took billions of years. Why the differences? It all revolves around one simple word in Genesis One, “day.” In the Hebrew it is the word “yom.”

What do you believe?

Pastor Mark explores 2000 years of Church history to uncover how this word has been interpreted through the ages. You are going to be surprised! He also provides a unique perspective of our modern age to help us understand why there is such a huge controversy on this topic in the Church today.

Read Pastor Mark’s research entitled, “The History of the Christian Church about the Interpretation of the Days of Creation.”