August 4 – September 8, 2013

In June 2013, we began a journey through one of the most unusual and yet powerful books of the Bible, the Book of Colossians. Chapter 1 was all about Coming Back to Right Thinking about ourselves, about our purpose, about Jesus and what He did for us. God knows that people will only change their actions if they change their thinking.

Now, Chapter 2 & 3 is about getting our straightened out and focused. It is about how to “Live Your Life Well“ You have only one life to live. You want to live it well but how do you do it?

Mark Hartman - January 23, 2011

Why No Mighty Works

Part 3 from the series: JESUS – amazing stories, shocking claims and eyewitness accounts. Luke 4:16-30 Jesus makes several mentions of why He came to Earth and what his intentions were while here. But the people’s response to Jesus during that time caused them to miss what he was offering. Are you accepting Jesus’ words and mission or are you living in your own will?

From Series: "Jesus"

JESUS – amazing stories, shocking claims and eyewitness accounts

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