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All of us want our lives to matter. We all have talents and abilities and feel we can make a difference for good. Our greatest impact, though, is not necessarily in the big moments of our lives. Rather, it is the everyday choices of how we treat each other and others that says a great deal about who we are and how important our presence in this world can be. In 1 Corinthians 13, God shows us about living life at its highest level. That is it is called, “The Love Chapter.” It teaches us how to let God pull us out of the self-centeredness of our environment and learn how to live life on a higher level. Our series will encourage us in all the ways we are doing life right and show us how to reach upward to an even greater level of fulfillment. Next, take The Love Challenge and see what your life can be!

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Take The Love Challenge…


When we serve with others, we come together as family, as friends, and as a group to create a lasting momentum that changes people’s lives through service and giving. That’s why Sugar Creek, inspired by its mission to love and lead people to life change in Christ, has created the LOVE CHALLENGE initiative.

Sugar Creek’s Love Challenge has been created with one goal in mind, to show our neighbors and community how much we love and care for them, one small act of kindness at a time.

Starting January 2022, you and more than 180 Sugar Creek Connect Groups can to put our mission into action through the project of your choice.


By joining a Connect Group at one of our Sugar Creek campuses and signing up to take on the Love Challenge with your group. Once your group has registered its project, the group will receive a gift card of $100 to help fund its project and to put love into action in the community. From January 23 through March 6, each team will record its progress via photos and video, using their smartphone. We can’t wait to celebrate what God will do through each project! You still have time to join a Connect Group of your choice, simply visit our Connect Groups page. It’s that easy!