Being a man, especially a man who wants God to lead in his life, is not easy. Far from it! Sugar Creek’s Men’s Ministry is passionate about bringing men together to make us stronger, better. To make us difference-makers and world-changers. God’s image is already stamped within each one of us! Our challenge is to intentionally live out the power of God’s image to significantly impact our marriages, children, church, relationships, communities, and workplaces. When we do that, everyone who encounters us glimpses the heart of God, Himself.

So, how does Sugar Creek come alongside a man to inspire him toward a truly successful life?

Strong, unapologetic biblical direction.
Truth matters. Whether men are in worship, a Connect Group, a small men’s group, a seasonal Bible study, at a men’s retreat, or a wild game dinner, God’s Word is always the non-negotiable foundation, the infallible compass. [/reveal][reveal title=”

Building bands of brothers.
There are always opportunities for men of all ages to come together in large events as well as medium-sized and smaller groups for encouragement, spiritual mentoring, inspiration, and motivation. Proverbs 27:17 says it well, As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend. Sometimes we sharpen on our church campus, in a living room, or over pancakes at IHOP. Sometimes it happens on a beach, in a fishing boat, at a campsite, or on a ranch. Wherever and whenever it happens, we’re better for it. [/reveal][reveal title=”

Courageous confrontation.
We will not be afraid. We know that God has equipped every man with the capability to draw from His strength to face the challenges of life, which are manifold. Some of those challenges come from within, while others are external. Every man can live and thrive without fear when he takes up the proclamation of Paul, I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need. (Philippians 4:13).[/reveal][reveal title=”

Doing something.
We will not be satisfied on the sidelines. There are too many marriages to be mended or strengthened. There are too many children who need strong hearts and hands to guide. There are too many brothers, sons, friends and work associates who need to see God’s heart beating for them. There are too many dark places that need the Light we possess. There are too many opportunities to serve to be left vacant and undone. As men’s lives are spiritually transformed internally through God’s presence and power, we will do. We will build. We will rescue. We willwork. We will shine. We will not sit. [/reveal]

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John RushingJohn Rushing
Pastor of Adult Ministries