Guest Speakers - July 14, 2024

Part 2 - Altar Atmosphere

July 14, 2024


Eric Wooten, President of Altared Marriage discusses the significance of the Altar, characteristics of Altars, and how this all relates to a healthy Christ-like marriage.

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Individual Sunday messages are those that may not fall into a longer series or messages by guest speakers.

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Messages presented on Sunday mornings at Sugar Creek Baptist Church, in Sugar Land, TX.

Finding My Place

August 7 &14, 2022

Matthew 20:26 says, “Whoever wants to become great must be a servant of others.” God says the way to Up is Down. The more you humble yourself to serve others the greater you become. That’s what Jesus did. Jesus said, “For even I didn’t come to be served but to serve others and to give my life as a ransom for many.” We become more like Jesus when we give ourselves away to help others. Deep inside all of us there is a deep desire to make our lives count; to move beyond self-centered to significance. So, what are you going to do with your life? You really only have three alternatives. You can spend your life. You can waste your life. Or you can invest your life. One paraphrase of Ephesians 2:10 puts it this way, “…long ago God planned that we should live this life helping others.” Would you do that in your church?

The Land Between
July 17 – 31, 2022“I’m sick of living in this apartment.” “I’m sick of this job. I hate my boss.” “I’m sick of not knowing what’s wrong with me. I just wish the doctor would tell me what’s going on.” The Land Between is that place where we don’t have the answers, where we can complain and experience a meltdown but it also is a place to see God’s provision and transformation power in our lives. On Sunday, we will look at a group of people and what they experienced in the Land Between.

May 15 – July 3, 2022
In a fuzzy environment, we all need corrective lenses to see clearly. Without them, reality will always look distorted. The same is true about the many moral issues in the world. What is the right way to see them? How are we to live our lives and how are we to treat others? While the world offers us lenses from a variety of perspectives such as social media influencers, political parties, entertainment celebrities and news outlets, there really is a better option. The God who created the universe gave us His Word which tells us how He made mankind and how He wants us to live.

Daniel: Standing Strong
March 20 – May 8. 2022

Our world is facing an unbelievably difficult time of distress and confusion. We are emerging from a two year worldwide pandemic and now are facing, at least the possibility, of a worldwide war. All the while there is a culture war that challenges our Biblical morals. Jesus said in the last days the world would be in a state just like this. The Book of Daniel was written for such a time. It teaches us how to face the greatest challenges with conviction, resolve and faith. Join us as we experience the series DANIEL: STANDING STRONG.

The Love Challenge
January 9 – March 6, 2022
All of us want our lives to matter. We all have talents and abilities and feel we can make a difference for good. Our greatest impact, though, is not necessarily in the big moments of our lives. Rather, it is the everyday choices of how we treat each other and others that says a great deal about who we are and how important our presence in this world can be. In 1 Corinthians 13, God shows us about living life at its highest level. That is it is called, “The Love Chapter.” It teaches us how to let God pull us out of the self-centeredness of our environment and learn how to live life on a higher level. Our series will encourage us in all the ways we are doing life right and show us how to reach upward to an even greater level of fulfillment.

Home for Christmas: The Unlikely Characters of Christmas

December 5 – 19, 2022

Back to the Future

October 24 – November 21, 2021
Join us as we go back in time to uncover how our past shapes our future in the new message series, Back to the Future.

Friends: We’re Better Together
September 12 – October 17, 2021

The pandemic has separated people from each other, and it has left a terrible void. There is a sense across the entire country of being disconnected and lonely. All of the studies today are showing that one of the great felt needs is reconnecting with others and making new friends. This series will teach us the wisdom God gives to us in making new relationships and strengthening existing ones.

Who’s Your One
August 22 – September 5, 2021

We had to spend the last 18 months being inwardly focused. Sugar Creek had to focus on helping those connected to our church get to the other side. But ultimately, inwardly focused churches die. If a church is just all about us and what we want, we will die as a church as all around us those who don’t know our Lord perish. That has never been OK at Sugar Creek. It’s time to return to being who we are again.

Because He Lives
August 1 – 15, 2021

“Because He Lives” is a classic Christian hymn that has been sung countless times and encouraged multitudes for the last 50 years. In the lyrics, we find incredible truths about God that continue to touch our hearts and serve as a reminder of His faithfulness. Be our guest this Sunday and bring a friend as we learn these timeless truths.

How to Win Within
June 6 – 27, 2021

Life can be a challenge. A race… a journey… a competition…It is filled with struggles, battles, tests and trials of all kinds. But you can endure, overcome and succeed in whatever comes your way. God forgives us when we fail, and promises to meet all of our needs. You can go the distance when you set your eyes on the prize. Join us this weekend to discover How To Win Within!

The Beginning of the End
April 11 – May 23, 2021
We are all interested in knowing what will happen leading up to the return of Christ. We are going through such extreme and confusing times. How do they fit into what Jesus said would happen in the world when He returns? Toward the end, will things get better or worse? In this series we will explore many of the things revealed for us in the Book of Revelation but also in other parts of the New Testament. We will looking at how we can apply God’s message to our lives.

Becoming a Better Me
February 29, March 21, 2021
We are all interested in knowing what will happen leading up to the return of Christ. We are going through such extreme and confusing times. How do they fit into what Jesus said would happen in the world when He returns? Toward the end, will things get better or worse? In this series we will explore many of the things revealed for us in the Book of Revelation but also in other parts of the New Testament. We will looking at how we can apply God’s message to our lives.

The Attitude Factor
January 10 – February 21, 2021
2021 is going to be a year to get our attitudes right. 2020 is behind us and we are looking ahead to what God has to offer.

The Nativity
Christmas 2020
December 6 – 20, 2020
Join us each Sunday in December as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Pastor Mark Hartman shares the story of the nativity, focussing on a different member of that Holy night each week.

Rising Above Hard Times
October 25 – November 22, 2020
We encounter hard times periodically throughout our lives. In 2020 we have all been, to one degree or another, in a mode of constant crisis management. Interestingly, God led us to go through the Book of James together this year. It has been uncanny how this little book has so blessed and guided our lives through the year of COVID. We have reached the last series which involves the last chapter in James, chapter 5. This chapter is all about Rising Above Hard Times. James addresses the issues of injustice, enduring when the bad won’t stop, supernatural healing, prayer and helping to rescue someone we love who has fallen by the wayside. How do we rise above the hard times we experience? Our Father will teach through His Word as we explore the final chapter of the amazingly practical Book of James.

Revive Us Again
October 4 – 18, 2020
We are all living lives that are busy, constantly changing, interrupted by breaking news or bombarded by updates from our news outlets. In all of this and more, our focus has simply been on SURVIVAL. But now it’s time to change our focus to REVIVAL. It is time to return to what is most important, what is lasting, and what will matter for all eternity. God is calling our church to a time of personal and collective renewal. God is also calling us to stand on behalf of our nation and pray for renewal. Join us for the next three weeks as we ask God to Revive Us Again.

Sunday at Sugar Creek
Special Sundays when Pastor Hartman offers special individual messages or guest speakers visit and have an opportunity to share a Godly message with Sugar Creek.

Daring to Start Over Again
September 13 – 27, 2020
Across the pages of history, the church of Jesus Christ has thrived and advanced amid unpredictable and unprecedented times. The year 2020 has been one of those moments. Like the rest of the country, the normal rhythms and patterns of Sugar Creek have been interrupted by this pandemic. The Houston area has been one of the hot spots in our country. Yet, through all of this, we have seen God use our church to reach more families in our region through the online broadcast of our worship services. We have seen God bless our church as we have brought food for hungry and hope to the hurting. We are grateful for the opportunity to expand our borders through technology and we will continue to do so in the months and years ahead. But at the same time, we know that the church of Jesus was never meant to gather just online. So it is time to come back to in-person services. We need each other. We need to see each other. We need the fellowship and encouragement of being together again. We need to get back to serving our Lord and each other through the talents and abilities God has given to us. We need to be in the flesh for each other. Jesus told us to be the salt of the earth and His light to the world. He told us that we are His unstoppable church. It’s time to again be the visible church of Jesus Christ in this region.

Hope at the End of Your Rope
August 2 – September 6, 2020
You probably can remember a time when you made your plans and formed your dreams, only to see everything fall apart because of some situation. Those unexpected interruptions we all go through hurt so much. The global pandemic is a clear example of that. But, how would your life change if there was a way for the next interruption to be a successful redirection to something better? Moreover, what if there was a way to help you see it as God’s intervention redirecting you towards an unexpected purpose? Join us as we conclude our series “Life Interrupted” by learning the key to a successful life redirection.

Life Interrupted
July 5 – 26, 2020
We’ve all experienced some kind of interruption in our lives. A global pandemic has certainly changed some rhythms and even altered some goals we had. What if these interruptions did not defeat us, but set us on a new path? In the series, Life Interrupted, we will explore how to gain a new perspective on the interruptions of your life, and God’s divine purpose in them.

Authentic Christianity
April 19 – July 21, 2020
Authentic means not false but genuine; real. There is synthetic everything these days. Fake flowers, fake grass, fake cheese, fake news…it seems endless. The fake Christianity in our culture breeds resentment towards a religious culture desperately in need of something real! So we ask the question, “What is Authentic Christianity?” The New Testament book of James helps to answer this in practical ways. Be prepared to be challenged, confronted and blessed by practical, authentic Christianity as defined by one of the oldest books of the New Testament.

Thriving in a Hostile World
February 16 – March 29, 2020
Life is amazing under God’s mercy and grace, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy! God’s intention for our time here on earth was to make us a masterpiece ready for an eternity in heaven. During this 7-part sermon series, we examine the first chapter of the book of James, whose teachings echo those of Jesus. If you have ever wondered, “How do I find joy through the trials in my life?”, then you will not want to miss one message of this series.

After the Honeymoon
January 19 – February 9, 2020
Marriage is more than a warm fuzzy feeling you experience during the honeymoon phase. It’s what happens after that matters. A great marriage doesn’t magically happen. It’s getting through the highs and lows together as a couple with God at the center, that builds a successful marriage. This series will challenge and inspire married couples and those considering marriage. Discover when you desire God’s best for your marriage, you can extend your honeymoon for a lifetime.

And He Shall Be Called…

December 8 – 22, 2020

Galatians: How To Live In Freedom
September 15 – November 24, 2020
The greatest battle for freedom that has been fought and won was not between nations, tribes, or people. It was the battle for the freedom of our souls, won by Jesus Christ. Still many still live each day with a feeling of defeat. Don’t let that be the case in your life! In this series, we will discover through the book of Galatians how to live in, enjoy and spread the freedom that Christ alone brings.

Make Your Life Count
August 4 – 25, 2019
While we may get second chances at a lot in life, when it comes to how we spend our time, we get only one shot. Buried deep inside each and every one of us is a desire to make our time here on Earth mean something. Find out what the Bible says about how to partner with God in accomplishing His plan for us.

Keeping Up Your Guard
June 2 – 23, 2019
This new series goes through the New Testament book of Jude. Maybe you have never heard a message from the book of Jude. It wouldn’t be surprising. It is a tiny one chapter book seemingly hidden toward the end of the New Testament. Though tiny, it packs a punch.

40 Days of Prayer at Sugar Creek
March 24 – April 28, 2019
As a whole church, we are praying for revival. We are praying for a breakout of the power of God among us. What would happen if our church spent 40 days praying together? What would happen if our church spent 40 days learning how to pray and really connect with God? What would happen if God cleaned our hearts and energized us as a church with His Holy Spirit?

New Testament Postcards
March 3 -24, 2019
Postcards are how we share short notes with people we love. The smallest books of the Bible are just that – Short messages from the Apostles Paul and John to churches and believers in the early days of Christianity. Their letters address specific problems and help believers model the love of Jesus to a lost culture. They remind the church of God’s forgiveness and the need to repair broken relationships. And most importantly, these postcards show us all, how grace and truth can love and lead others to Christ.

Answering Life’s Biggest Questions
January 13 – February 17, 2019
We live in an age of seemingly endless information. But quick, easy access to it doesn’t necessarily make us wiser, happier or our life more meaningful. We have a lot of questions about life – what is the purpose of it all? Anyone can be happy for a moment but can we experience lasting happiness? And if so, how? How can we make the most of our time? What happens when we die? And many more of life’s mysteries. We explore some of life’s biggest questions, and search for the Bible’s answers that can help us live our greatest life.

It’s a Wonderful Life – Because He Came
December 2 – 23, 2018
The movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” is the story of everyman George Bailey, who has big dreams for his life, but a kind heart that sacrifices those dreams to help others. Finding himself in a life-shattering situation and convinced it was better to never to have been born, George decides to take his life. This film has become a classic because it resonates with our own difficult times that leave us feeling hopeless, insignificant and defeated. Join us as we explore these themes from a biblical perspective in this three-part Christmas series to see that whatever we face, thanks to Jesus, we can have a wonderful life…because He came.

The Invisible War
October 7 – November 18, 2018
Life is full of disappointments, wounds and hurts. The Bible tells us there is an enemy, an evil one, who steals and kills and destroys. Paul taught us that our battle is not against flesh and blood but the evil one who is fueling the darkness. Jesus identified this enemy as Satan who is as real as you and me. We are in war! An Invisible war…but a real one, nonetheless. The good news is that “greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.”. We are reminded in Colossians 2:15 that Jesus triumphed over this evil one through the cross. It’s time we learn about the war and how to live in the victory won for us.

REACH Beyond
September 16 – 30, 2018
In our 43 year history, God has led Sugar Creek through several defining moments. Each one was marked by sacrificial generosity and a passion for reaching people for Jesus. The REACH Beyond campaign represents the next defining moment for our church as we raise $5.7 million dollars to reach people for Christ in our area and around the world.

Who We Are: A People On Mission
August 5 – September 9, 2018
It is possible to drift along through life with a lack of direction and forget who we are. Every so often we need a reminder about who we are and who God has called us to be. In this series Pastor Mark will help you get back to your roots. Not only as a follower of Christ, but as a church. This will be a defining moment for our future at Sugar Creek!

Power Living
June 3 – July 24, 2018
One of the great verses in the Bible is 2 Timothy 1:7. This verse has given birth to our new series for June, Power Living. We were intended to live powerful lives. We were not intended to live lives of doubt and fear but powerful lives of confidence, love and clear purpose. We will explore the power that comes into our lives as we learn how to live in balance; the amazing confidence and impact that obeying God gives to us, and the amazing clarity of life that comes with pardoning others.

As the End Comes
April 8 – May 20, 2018
There is a general feeling today that the world cannot continue as it is forever. There are too many serious problems with too few solutions. Whether it is because of terrorism or the environment, or nuclear bombs or some other issue the general opinion is that something is coming that will dramatically alter how life is lived on the earth. God created this world and is someday going to bring it to an end. But, the Bible goes one step further. It even tells us what will happen AS THE END COMES. All of our study through these seven sermons will come from the book of 2 Thessalonians verse by verse.

Get a Grip
February 11 – March 25, 2018
Emotions are just a part of life for all of us. It is how God wired the human race. Sometimes those emotions can be our great strength but other times they can limit or even enslave our lives. They don’t have to be our limitation! We really can learn how to live in emotional freedom.

Why Believe
January 14 – February 4, 2018
God has something to say to all of us in this economy through His Word. In fact, the Bible has something to say to us no matter what economy we are in! Join us as we dive into the promise of God’s provisions in our lives with “Thriving In A $45 A Barrel Economy“.

Carols of Christmas
December 3-17, 2017
The days of Christmas at Sugar Creek are a lot of fun. They give us an opportunity to sing the Christmas carols that have meant so much to us through the years. Enjoy this message series all about “The Carols of Christmas” featuring Hark The Herald Angels Sing, Silent Night and O Come All Ye Faithful.

Living a Blessed Life
October 1 – November 19, 2017
The days of Christmas at Sugar Creek are a lot of fun. They give us an opportunity to sing the Christmas carols that have meant so much to us through the years. Enjoy this message series all about “The Carols of Christmas” featuring Hark The Herald Angels Sing, Silent Night and O Come All Ye Faithful.

Unshakable – Making the Most of Hard Times
September 3, 2017 –
God has something to say to all of us in this economy through His Word. In fact, the Bible has something to say to us no matter what economy we are in! Join us as we dive into the promise of God’s provisions in our lives with “Thriving In A $45 A Barrel Economy“.

Thriving in a $45 a Barrel Economy
August 6 – 27, 2017
God has something to say to all of us in this economy through His Word. In fact, the Bible has something to say to us no matter what economy we are in! Join us as we dive into the promise of God’s provisions in our lives with “Thriving In A $45 A Barrel Economy“.

Happily Ever After
April 23 – June 25, 2017
Our view of marriage and relationships can often be built on fairytales and unrealistic expectations. Although the joys of fairy tales are fun desires to have, they usually do not have the happy ending we were expecting. What happens when hard times, frustrations and unforeseen circumstances cloud marriages and people? Learn how Godly marriages can thrive and flourish under His Word and direction. If you are single, in a relationship, or married, it can change your life and set your marriage up for success according to God’s word.

More Than An Emoji
February 26 – March 26, 2017
Chances are that you, just like every other person, want Happiness, Hope, Confidence and all the other positive emotions of life. Aren’t we constantly attempting to find old and new ways to secure those feelings through our relationships, careers or some other means? If you think about it, we live in such a rushed world and are bombarded with so much information that sometimes we substitute quality and depth of life for the “immediate”. When that happens, we end up with not much more than emoji’s…just symbols of what we feel or want to feel instead of what actually matters. But what if there is More? Something that lasts and is so much Deeper? Something that comes not from within in or around you, but from God. Why not find something that is deep and sustaining for your life… something More Than An Emoji!

Finding Peace in a Pressured World
I’m hurting, wounded and tired. The things I’ve counted on are beginning to fall apart and I’m wondering what I should do next. Is there any way to Find Peace In My Pressured World? The answer is yes! Absolutely, positively YES! This is a six week series looking at Psalm 23.

Because He’s Worth It!
November 6 – 26, 2016
As November arrives we are reminded that 2016 is slipping away and 2017 is just around the corner. In a few short weeks we will celebrate Thanksgiving. Learning how to better praise our Heavenly Father for who He is, what He has done for us and what He is about to do seems so fitting for those who truly know Him.

Touching the Invisible
September 18 – October 30, 2016
Have you ever wondered if your prayers are really getting through? Though God is invisible to our human eyes, He is very much present. So how can we reach out and touch God through prayer? Jesus taught us how to open the door into God’s heart, “Touching The Invisible”. During this series Pastor Mark will examine the most powerful principles for connecting to God and how they apply to us.

Live for a CHANGE
July 31 – September 4, 2016
How would you describe the spiritual journey that you are on? Are you growing closer to God and how do you know for sure? Pastor Mark is excited about this new message series, “Live for a C-H-A-N-G-E”, where we will begin to understand and explore where we stand in our walk with God and where He wants us to be. Begin to truly soar in your walk with God.

Living with the End in Mind
May 22 – July 17, 2016
Many people just live day to day with very little thought about the end goal of their lives. Jesus told us there are two paths of life to take but only one ends well. He taught us to live our lives with the end in mind because it will help us make sure we are always headed in the right direction.

Inside Out: Living Life on a Deeper Level
April 3 – May 15, 2016
We often try to solve life issues by dealing with the symptoms on the outside without ever dealing with the cause on the inside. This leads to persistent conflicts, unresolved tensions, and broken relationships. However, Jesus addresses the heart and soul of life’s major issues so that we overcome them inside out. Don’t miss this message series!

Wise Up, Making Better Decisions
January 10 – March 13, 2016
Making good decisions is one of the most important skills we can develop. It affects everything. Getting good information is critical but even more important is gaining the wisdom to be able to know what to do with the information we get. So, where can I get the wisdom I need to make better decisions? That is what this series by Pastor Mark is all about. It can affect every area of your life for good. Whatever you do, wise up! This is part 1 of the Wise Up series.

Know That You Know
September 6 – November 15, 2015
Pastor Mark’s 2015 Fall message series, Know That You Know, focuses on the first book of John. This book of love and joy explains the fellowship we have with others and with Jesus Christ. Join us as we discover what it means to have a relationship with the Lord, to truly understand and know that He is present in our lives.

All In
August 2 – 23, 2015
Part of God’s plan to improve our lives is to change us, to make us better. But as we are changing, He wants to use us to help others change, too. The past couple of weeks we have talked about the importance of Worshipping and Connecting with other Christ followers during our spiritual journey. Pastor Mark explains what the Bible says about how to partner with God and Serve others. Discover how you can fulfill God’s command to serve Him and those in need. And how serving helps us be ‘All In’ for Christ.

What Would Jesus Say?
April 12 – May 31, 2015
Pastor Mark Hartman walks us through the Parables, answering some of life’s most intriguing questions; “How Can I Hear God?”, “Does Praying Actually Work?” and “What Happens After I Die?” Join us as we discover together how Jesus would have answered!

We Are Jonah
March 1 – March 31, 2015
Most Christians know the story of Jonah but most of the time, our main focus is the whale. However, this book has a great message for all believers, “that God wants us to have His heart for those far away from Him and be obedient to His call to go.” through his series, we will discover that We Are Jonah.

Home Builders
January 11 – February 22, 2015
This 7 week message series Pastor Mark explores the foundations of building a healthy family. Health comes when a family lives by core values, all the way from balanced living to respect, integrity, patience and more.

When Jesus Comes Back
October 19 – November 23, 2014
This six week series will give you a solid understanding of what the Bible teaches about the world conditions and events that will accompany the return of Jesus Christ.

Dollars and Sense
September 21 – October 12, 2014
The Bible has a lot to say about freedom. Some of what it says is about being financially free. For the next few weeks, Pastor Mark walks us through practical steps in managing our money, getting out of debt and finding contentment in our finances.

Colossians Series 3 Get Connected: Building Relationships
August 3 – August 31, 2014
Hebrews 11 is called, “The Faith Chapter.” Through the stories of this great chapter we will learn what faith really is, how to discern the will of God, how to hear His voice, how to better understand the grace and mercy of God demonstrated in our lives. Our goal in the series is to take some new steps in lining up our lives with God so we can live the most productive and fulfilling life possible.

Learning How to Trust God
February 16 – June 22, 2014
Hebrews 11 is called, “The Faith Chapter.” Through the stories of this great chapter we will learn what faith really is, how to discern the will of God, how to hear His voice, how to better understand the grace and mercy of God demonstrated in our lives. Our goal in the series is to take some new steps in lining up our lives with God so we can live the most productive and fulfilling life possible.

Where is God in My Pain?

January 12 – February 9, 2014
At various times in our lives, all of us experience suffering. The cause and intensity of our pain will vary, but the dampening impact upon our spirit is just as real. It’s in these dark times – when we feel so lonely – that we wonder if we are fighting our battle alone. The good news is that God is always with us, even when we may not feel His Presence. Pastor Mark Hartman continues this message series entitled Where Is God In My Pain? We invite you to join us as we gain help from God’s Word about suffering, endurance, and rescue.

9 Habits for Healthy Relationships
September 15 – November 10, 2013
Relationships are one of the most precious, enduring things in our lives. Money and possessions bring temporary satisfaction. But our relationships are timeless. Healthy relationships with family and friends make good times more joyful and strengthen us during challenging times. So, how do we strengthen those connections which mean the most to us? How do healthy friendships grow even more vibrant? How do we overcome those pesky relationship roadblocks that seem to emerge from time to time? The Bible has practical, relevant answers how to grow relationships that last a lifetime!

Colossians Series 2 Live Your Life Well
August 4 – September 8, 2013
In June we began a journey through one of the most unusual and yet powerful books of the Bible, the Book of Colossians. Chapter 1 was all about Coming Back to Right Thinking about ourselves, about our purpose, about Jesus and what He did for us. God knows that people will only change their actions if they change their thinking. Now, Chapter 2 & 3 is about getting our straightened out and focused. It is about how to “Live Your Life Well“ You have only one life to live. You want to live it well but how do you do it? Colossians Series 1

Coming Back to Right Thinking
June 1 – June 23, 2013

We become what we think. We won’t live right unless we we think right. Instead of Paul going right to the problems to be fixed in this little church, he first took the time to remind them and us of what is true in his letter to the Colossians.

Parenting in the Real World
April 7 – May 12, 2013
Every parent wants to do a great job raising their children. It begins simple enough with sleepless nights and changing dirty diapers. With each passing year your child thrills you with what he or she learns and can do. Soon, however, you begin to realize there is battle of wills emerging and more difficult challenges coming. Each birthday welcomes new problems to solve and skills to learn. You are faced with the exhilarating task of growing a child into an adult.You want help! But, not just any kind of help. You need the timeless help of God’s Word. That is where we are turning in our series, “Parenting in the Real World”. This series is for parents, grandparents and parents-to-be. Let’s learn together what God has to say to us in accomplishing the most rewarding and challenging job of our lives – the raising of a new generation.

The Marriage Matrix
February 10 – March 3, 2013
Being married and staying married is one of the hardest tasks that many people will undertake in their lifetime. Do you sometimes feel like you managed to find the one person that is the complete the opposite of you? Is your relationship offering a new development at every turn? Are you looking for the one thing that can bind your hearts together for all time? The Marriage Matrix, a message series by Lead Pastor Mark Hartman will help us understand marriage and how to make it work.

Winning the War Within
January 6 – February 3, 2013
It is sobering to realize that oftentimes the biggest enemy we face is ourselves. From time to time all of us wrestle with negative habits, weaknesses and even deep wounds in our life. How do we overcome these powerful barriers in our lives? How do we get on the path to healing and restoration? Over the next five weeks Pastor Mark will lead us step by step about how to find victory and peace within.

The Nativity Characters of Christmas
December 2 – 23, 2012
Christmas is the time of year that captures people’s hearts and imaginations in ways no other season of the year does. Much of that is related to family, friends, food, gifts, tinsel and lights, et al. How much is related to the Person and the Event at the core of Christmas? This series takes a deeper look into the moment in time when God came near, very near to us. Although His “nearness” came through a virgin and a manger in a cave in Bethlehem, Jesus is nearer, still. May His nearness become dearer, still. World Changers: A Study in Acts

Part 3 – The Unshakeable Church
September 9 – November 4, 2012
God hasn’t called us to be popular. He has called us to follow Him. This third part, The Unshakable Church, in a series of three from the book of Acts will take us through the travels and experiences of Paul. As we study, God will reveal how to respond to disappointment in our lives, how we can share our faith with others, and many more topics that are still extremely relevant in our modern day lives.

Growing a Kinder Spirit
August 12 – September 3, 2012
As children, we all learn the golden rule: Treat others as we would like to be treated. Although it’s simple in theory, there are many times that we fail –in words or in actions –to live up to the statement. God’s word gives us a blueprint for our speech, our reactions, and how to “grow a kinder spirit”. Join us beginning on Sunday as Pastor Mark brings us this fantastic message series.

World Changers: A Study in Acts Part 2 – The Uncontainable Church
April 22 – June 17, 2012
The early church was a brilliant model in many ways, but they lacked one key feature – they didn’t go beyond their city walls. Jesus called us, then and now, to reach all nations and all people with the good news. This second series, The Uncontainable Church, covers the New Testament book of Acts (chapters 8-13). Hear the call of Christ, learn how and why it is so important to carry forth the mission of the church, and join with Sugar Creek as we love and lead all people to life change in Christ.

GOD (also known as)
January 8 – March 11, 2012
God, The Father, is called many things in the Bible. These names have meanings: Provider, Companion, My Shepherd – just to name a few. The promises that are held within these names are a key to relying on God in all situations of life. Beginning January 8, Pastor Mark Hartman will bring to life God’s Old Testament names in a series entitled, “GOD (also known as)” and share the hope that comes from knowing and calling out to Him in all of life’s situations.

Building a Biblical Worldview
September 18 – November 6, 2011
How did a country with so many Christians and such a deep Christian heritage get so far off track morally? How did we get into a situation in which Christianity is so under attack in America, of all places? How do we insulate our children from a messed up culture? How do we defend our faith? The answers to these questions relates to Worldview. This new series will introduce you to the principles of Building a Biblical Worldview that will allow you to take a new look at what you believe and value and how that plays out in the decisions that mark your life.

World Changers: A Study in Acts Part 1 – The Unstoppable Church
May 1 – August 28, 2011
World Changers, a series through the Book of Acts, will cover the first 7 chapters of Acts. This first of a three part series is sub-titled, “The Unstoppable Church”. We have looked at the life and miracles of Jesus Christ. So, now what happens? After Christ rose from the grave, what happened next? That is where the Book of Acts comes in and where we begin with World Changers.This first section in the book of Acts, Jesus gives us great promises. Enjoy the first message of this series that will cover Acts in three parts.

JESUS – amazing stories, shocking claims and eyewitness accounts
January 9 – April 17, 2011
There was no Internet. No news cameras. No mass communication. And yet the things that one man said and did spread throughout the world and is as relevant today as it was two thousand years ago. Maybe you’ve heard the the shocking claims and eyewitnesses accounts from those who walked with Jesus. If you have, isn’t it time you heard it again? If you have never heard the amazing stories from those who walked with Jesus, maybe it’s time you heard it for yourself. Come walk with us in the steps of Jesus to learn how one man became the greatest person to ever live.

You Can Make A Difference – Life Lessons from Nehemiah
September 12 – November 14, 2010
God is calling everyone of us to be the kind of person who makes a difference. The book of Nehemiah will teach us how to improve our skills in making an impact – in being leaders in this church and out in the community. It will show us how to dream a dream – how to have a vision and see it become a reality. This is the greatest book on leadership in the Bible. Join Pastor Mark as he begins this new series – “You Can Make a Difference”.

The Power of C-H-A-N-G-E
August 1 – September 5, 2010

People want to make themselves better and most work toward that goal. You may have started the journey and gotten sidetracked. You might have become stuck. The goal is still in your heart, but you aren’t sure how to get back on the road. God wants to change us from the inside out to become the image of His Son, Jesus. We can all change and get back on the path. You don’t have to lie in misery. You don’t have to fret over the mistakes you’ve made. God never intended anyone to live a life of hopelessness and despair. You CAN change. You don’t have to stay the same as you are today. It was never God’s intention for you. You don’t have to live the rest of your life ignorant of the Bible. You don’t have to live the rest of your life chained to bad habits or feeling defeated. It was never God’s intention. You aren’t locked in. YOU CAN CHANGE! If you need help standing again … If you want to grow deeper and go to the next level in your relationship with Christ … If you are on your way and just need affirmation, then you need “The Power of Change”.

Joseph – Finding Purpose in My Pain
June 6 – 27, 2010
Is there any purpose in my pain? If there is, how can I find it? In these four messages, Pastor Mark leads us as we explore the life of one of the greatest characters in the Bible – a man named Joseph. He understood the pain life can bring. He felt the hopelessness that circumstances can create. But, Joseph discovered how to find purpose in his pain and it brought him perspective, peace and ultimately success. Through his life we can learn about purpose and pain and how God can bring those two together. It is time to work through our pain from God’s perspective and Joseph is going to help us.

What Happens When We Die
April 11 – May 9, 2010
Emily Dickinson wrote “Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me.” If you think about it, death is the one thing we will all share. What happens when we die? Can we really know that? The answer is yes. Beginning April 11, Pastor Mark Hartman will begin a four-part series exploring this subject. The first message is entitled “The Evidence for Life After Death.”Would you join us as we examine the scientific and Biblical truth of life after death? You can’t afford to miss these intriguing messages.

Principles of Prayer That Work
March 21 and 27, 2010
Learning how to pray in harmony with God begins by understanding what He has taught us about prayer. The Bible tells us that there is a certain way to pray. Pastor Mark Hartman discusses these topics in his first message in the two part Praying For Results series.

The Love Challenge
January 10 – March 14, 2010
You’ve heard all the songs about love, but what is love really? How do you know it when you see it? The Bible has a lot to say about love, but one chapter really defines what love is and isn’t. Sugar Creek Baptist Church invites you to take The Love Challenge; a ten-week interactive message series led by Pastor Mark Hartman through the love chapter: 1 Corinthians 13. If you are looking to build more loving relationships with your family and friends and grow closer to God in the process, we dare you to take The Love Challenge. Your life will never be the same.

Answering Tough Questions from 1 Peter
November 8 – December 6, 2009
As Christians, we know that the Bible holds the key to any question we might have. Big or small, the answer is provided for us within the scripture. However, that doesn’t mean that the solutions jump off of the page or that we don’t get bogged down in trying to get to the root of what God is telling us.The series “Answering Tough Questions from 1 Peter” will tackle issues that come to light in this book of the Bible – issues that are still causing us to scratch our heads today. You won’t want to miss a single Sunday as Pastor Mark Hartman guides us to the answers on subject we’ve often pondered.

Great Marriages Don’t Just Happen
October 18 – November 1, 2009
Great marriages don’t just happen. One look at today’s divorce statistics shows a grim picture of what our society is facing. However, there are things that are proven facts, such as “men and women receive love and give love differently”. Recognizing these contrasts and learning how to approach partners from a Biblical standpoint will make these Godly relationship flourish like never before.

What to Do When You’re Under Attack
September 13 – October 11, 2009
Whether you are under attack by another person, organization, or just life itself, all of us face attacks from time to time. The world that surrounds us is not for the faint of heart. Trials, struggles and hardships come to everyone without discrimination. We have a choice in how we respond. The Bible is clear in how we should address our attacker. Learn, in this series, how to keep yourself strong in the face of adversity.

The Bible
August 30 – September 6, 2009
The Bible is the word of God and we are told throughout our lives to follow it as the guide to living our life. But, it was written thousands of years ago. And when you do pick up the Bible do you even know where to start? Is the thought of it overwhelming to you? Pastor Mark Hartman speaks on the authenticity of the Bible and how to use this incredible resource to your advantage!

Daniel – Back to the Future
March 29 – July, 2009
This fourteen week series, entitled “Daniel: Back to the Future” will follow Daniel through some very exciting experiences, as well as the amazing prophecies the Lord gave to him of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This book is one of the most powerful in the Bible.

Growing Deeper with Your Friend List
January 11 – 25, 2009
“Growing Deeper With Your Friend List” captures the basics from the Bible that will help you enhance the most meaningful relationships of your life. It will help you focus and strengthen the friendships that matter the most to you.

Getting the Most From Your Career
(Book of Ephesians – Series 6)
November 2- 23, 2008
Do you hate the daily grind of your job or do you greet each morning as a new and exciting opportunity? Do you do what you have to in order to get by or are you setting new standards in productivity? We all suffer with negativity in the workplace and we all go through times where we are unsatisfied with ourselves and with our career choice. There’s no timesheet or evaluation at the end, just good Biblical advice for making the most of your job.

Family Survival Guide
(Book of Ephesians – Series 5)
September 7 – October 27 2008
Do you ever feel like no matter how full your backpack is, you never have all the survival tools that you need to keep your family in one piece? Join us as Pastor Mark Hartman shares his new message series to help you equip your family to survive the wilderness that engulfs today’s moms, dads, and kids.

Life Changing Worship
(Book of Ephesians – Series 4)
August 3 – 31, 2008
Who is in control of your life? That is a question that, in our culture today, is increasingly hard to answer. With things and people pulling us every imaginable direction, it’s hard to not only let God take control, but know HOW to let him take control. Pastor Mark Hartman begins a three-part series intitled “LIfe Changing Worship”. Please join us as he speaks on how to know who is fueling your life.

The Laws of Attraction: Forming Healthy Relationships
(Book of Ephesians – Series 3)
June 1 – July 27 2008
How To Get More Done In Less Time

The Basics That Bring Us Together
(Book of Ephesians – Series 2)
March 30 – May 18, 2008
We are all great builders of walls and barriers. Our mortar of words and actions can seal years of hurt, anger, and feelings that can stunt our spiritual growth. However, God has given us the keys to great relations with others, and they are found in the basics-the foundation that is common to us all. You won’t want to miss any of Pastor Mark Hartman’s messages. You will hear and learn about all that Ephesians has to share about this great topic.

Seeing God Through New Eyes
(Book of Ephesians – Series 1)
February 3 – March 16, 2008
God said, “I want you to see yourselves the way I see you … If you could see yourself from my point of view, you’d think differently about how you see yourself and you would live differently than you are living right now.” Are you living from your own perspective of yourself, or from God’s prospective of you? This study of the book of Ephesians will provide some great insight in how to begin looking at yourself through God’s eyes.

Taming the Money Monster
January 13 – 27, 2008
Join us for this exciting and informative look at the topic of debt and money management from a biblical perspective. Pastor Mark Hartman will share three insightful messages that will help you start the new year off on a more stress-free note! In addition to the sermon series message each week, special financial seminars featuring top advisors will be held on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM beginning on January 20. Sugar Creek will also be offering Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University on our campus beginning in February. Don’t let debt, rising credit card bills, and the stress that they bring ruin your 2008.

Home Builders: Foundations for a Strong Family
(The Ten Commandments – Exodus 20)
September 9 – November 11, 2007
Is your family built on a solid foundation? Are you wired to function normally? Or is your home in need of repair? Come any way you are and enter the construction zone at Sugar Creek! Here at our church, we believe that families are important—and we want to encourage yours to be as healthy as possible! Join us for a unique, all-church experience as Dr. Mark Hartman begins this new series and teaches your family how to get back to the basics as he puts a fresh, new twist on several classic, timeless truths taken from the Ten Commandments found in the Bible.

What Would Jesus Say?
(The Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7; Series 4)
June 17 – July 29, 2007
A recent poll showed that more than 60 percent of adults in America agreed there is no such thing as absolute truth. And more than 50 percent of Christians think that truth is only relative. What do you believe? Do you believe only in what you’ve been taught in school? Or maybe what you’ve seen on television your entire life? In this series, Pastor Mark Hartman will venture through the last part of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount to teach you exactly how Jesus would address these issues and more.

The Journey Within
A Study of Matthew, Chapter 5 – The Sermon on the Mount
Some people find happiness in money, intelligence, beauty or material items while others look for it in religion, philosophy, mysticism and elsewhere. But believe it or not – lasting happiness doesn’t come from any of these things. These are just temporary fixes that quickly send you spiraling back to where you came from. This series covers principles in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount that will lead you on an incredible journey toward finding happiness that lasts.

The Journey Together: Removing Relationship Roadblocks
January 14 – February 11, 2007
Jesus spent a good amount of time teaching about relationships between people. He urged us to be mature in our relationships and cultivate healthy interactions. This is a direct witness of God’s love operating in us and it directly affects blessings we receive from our Father in Heaven. This 4 part series takes you on a journey through the latter parts of Matthew Chapter 5, on the subject of relationship roadblocks.

Trusting God for the Impossible
August 6 – September 10, 2006
The power of expectation and living by faith is strong. We are urged to conduct our lives by believing God, in every area. Doing this produces a sense of well-being and peace that we all want. What is faith? How can we find it? The answers to these questions and more, are in this 6 part seres.

Connecting with God
Most people believe in prayer and pray on a daily basis, but most don’t know how to truly connect with God.In this series, Pastor Mark shows what works in prayer, what doesn’t work and how to get in touch with God one-on-one. By following His instructions found in Matthew 6, learn how your can relate to God intimately, receive the gifts that He offers, and respond to Him when He speaks.