Juan Carlos Heredia - March 19, 2023

Part 2 – The Selfie Life (Jonah)

March 19, 2023

Part 2 – The Selfie Life (Jonah)

We live in an age where our society is geared towards a “me” mentality. Whether we realize it or not, we are all being shaped to look out only for ourselves. It’s all around us – in our social media, Amazon orders, or curbside service, we believe others are here to cater to our needs. Even Christ-followers think of God being here for what they want by saying, “Lord, bless me.” “Lord, promote me.” or “Lord, give me.” God becomes sort of a means to an end. This was the story of the famous prophet Jonah. And in his walk with God, he was taught that a life devoted to God is not about us but serving Him and others. Join us for this message to learn how to avoid the dangers of the selfie life.

From Series: "Revive: Minor Moment, Major Movement"

The Minor Prophets may be overlooked or misunderstood, but they contain powerful messages that can spark major movements in our lives. In this 4-part series, we will dive into the ancient teachings of the Minor Prophets and uncover their relevance for us today. We will learn how to tackle the challenges of pride, injustice, selfishness, disobedience, doubt, abandonment, and a struggling relationship with God. We will discover how these minor moments can lead to major movements of transformation, revival, and renewal in our lives. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revive your heart and mind and join us on this journey of discovery and growth.

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