Mark Hartman - June 26, 2016

Watch Out For Wolves

June 26, 2016 Living With The End in Mind Part 6 - Watch Out For Wolves (Matthew 7:15-20) How do you know those spiritual teachers you listen to television and radio and in your church are for real? How do you know what they teach is right or wrong? Why does Jesus make such a big deal about holding your spiritual leaders accountable? If you are a parent, this isn’t just about you. You are also protecting your children and their understanding of God. This message might get a little heavy, but it comes straight from the mouth of Jesus.

From Series: "Living With The End In Mind"

Many people just live day to day with very little thought about the end goal of their lives. Jesus told us there are two paths of life to take but only one ends well. He taught us to live our lives with the end in mind because it will help us make sure we are always headed in the right direction.

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