Deacon Chairman’s Report

Annual Business Meeting – January 27, 2019


Since the last Chairman’s Report at the 2018 Annual Business Meeting, the Diaconate of Sugar Creek Baptist Church (“SCBC”) has continued to serve the body of Christ in the day-to-day life of our church.

In striving to serve in a manner worthy of our calling, the SCBC Deacons are frequently instructed in, and reminded of, the Deacon’s Ministry values as stated in the Deacon’s Handbook:

  • Character: Being a man of God
  • Unity: Preserving the spirit of peace in our church
  • Purpose: Supporting the purposes and direction of our church
  • Service: Serving effectively on a Deacon Ministry Team
  • Doctrine Presenting sound Christian teaching to everyone


In Memory

In recent weeks, Tom Stewart, devoted member, deacon and former deacon chairman, has gone home to be with the Lord.  He will be missed greatly by his family, friends and so many here, including the children, volunteers and staff of Creek Kids where he served so faithfully.


2018 Deacon Report Review

In the 2018 Annual Business Meeting, church members elected by secret ballot, two men to serve as deacons at SCBC Charles D. Gorden and Mannaser D. “MD” Marshall, Jr.  These men were previously ordained as deacons and therefore were not required to sit and be examined before the SCBC Ordination Council.


2019 Deacon Report

Currently, there are 74 Active Deacons with most serving on at least one of eight Deacon Ministry Teams. Each team has specific areas of responsibility. Many teams include members who are not deacons, but who serve as valuable contributing team members. Associate Pastor, Clif Cummings facilitates and assists the Deacon Ministry Team Coordinators and members of each Ministry Team.

The Deacon Ministry Teams and their areas of service are:

  1. BENEVOLENCE: Works with Minister of Pastoral Care and alongside 2nd Mile Ministries to provide immediate individual and family assistance. This team is led by Bill Hensley.
  2. CHURCH ORDINANCES: Assists with the church ordinances. This team is led by Ed Poole and Charles McGuire.
  3. GUEST MINISTRIES: Welcoming guests, providing traffic control and loading assistance. This team is led by Jimmy Hassell.
  4. HOSPITAL VISITATION: Coordinates with Church staff visitation of members in area hospitals. This team is led by Rod Harnden.
  5. JOB SEARCH SURVIVAL: Provides counsel and job search skills through seminars and one-on-one counseling to those individuals seeking new employment. This team is led by Gary Kyle.
  6. MARRIAGE MENTORS: This is the newest of our Ministry Teams. Mentor couples are paired with engaged or married couples to help them understand and create effective, God centered marriages.  This team is led by John Moncrief.
  7. NEXT STEP GUIDES: Assists staff in meeting spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of members and guests during invitation time at each weekend worship service and during special baptism events. This team is led by John Moncrief (Sugar Land campus), Steve Wood (Missouri City campus), and Henry Amadio (Spanish Ministry).
  8. WIDOW & WIDOWERS CARE: Helps meet special needs of widows and widowers. This team is led by James Mathis and Bob Higgins.


We invite and welcome our members to consider serving with our Deacons on any one of these Ministry Teams.

Deacon Elections

We will be voting for 2 Deacons returning to active service and 9 Deacons continuing active service.  Each SCBC member present tonight has received a ballot within the Annual Business Meeting booklet (tear out page).  Non-members are not eligible to vote.

Deacon Nomination Task Force

The 2018 – 2019 Deacon Nomination Task Force was led by Milton Fick (former Deacon Chairman) and comprised of Sugar Creek Baptist Church members Brad Adkins (former Deacon Chairman), Henry Amadio (current Deacon Vice-Chairman), Jon Kemp (current Deacon Chairman), Janet Douglas, Cynthia Knox, and Kathleen Walters.  (Separate report follows)

We thank the Task Force for their time and effort in the interviewing and examination of these 2 nominees for consideration:  Michael L. “Mike” Johnson and Jonathan “Jon” Sartell.

Becoming a deacon at Sugar Creek Baptist Church is a rigorous process and involves the following:

  1. The candidate must be nominated by a member of the church based upon one’s scriptural qualifications.
  2. The Deacon Nominating Task Force then examines all aspects of the deacon nominees focusing on their salvation experience, testimony, service experience, doctrinal beliefs and unity experience with SCBC.
  3. Both the nominees and their wives are interviewed.
  4. The Deacon Nominating Task Force selects those who are qualified and recommends them to the Church for approval at the Annual Business Meeting.
  5. Those approved must go through a one-year Doctrinal Training Class. All new deacons who have been previously ordained, as well as those coming for ordination, go through this entire process.  Those who have not been previously ordained, must serve as apprentice deacons while attending the Doctrinal Training Class.  At the completion of this class, the apprentice deacons decide if they want to proceed to ordination. 
  6. Those men who desire to be ordained will be interviewed and examined by the Ordination Council, led by Lead Pastor Mark Hartman and composed of ordained staff and deacons, to confirm their understanding of and belief in foundational Christian doctrine and their commitment to SCBC.
  7. Those who are approved will be ordained in May the year after being elected by the church.


Inactive Deacons Returning to Active Service (2) – Deacons in good standing desiring to return to active service are:  Cliff Parker and David Wood


Active Deacons Continuing Service (9) – Each Deacon listed below has completed their present three-year term ending January 31, 2019 and now seeks re-election for a new three-year term (to end January 31, 2022) according to SCBC By-Laws:

Craig Cockerham, Howard Gee, Ruston Johnson, Victor Lakes, Sam Ogoe, Sr.,
Jerry L. Richardson, Willard B. Sims, Homer Stewart, Steve Wood


Ordination to the Deacon Ministry

There will be no Ordination Council Examination or Ordination Service in 2019 as both men elected in 2018 were previously ordained by other Baptist churches.


Ordination to the Gospel Ministry

In April of 2018 three candidates who serve as staff members of SCBC and completed doctrinal training led by Pastor Clif Cummings, were interviewed, examined, and approved by the Ordination Council.  Ivan Rivera, Hector Sotelo, and Stacy Uy were ordained on May 6, 2018.


Doctrinal Training and Examination for Ordination

Attending the Doctrinal Training Classes led by Pastor Clif Cummings in 2019-20 will be our 2 deacon nominees, Michael Johnson and Jonathan Sartell.  This training is always available for any of our active service deacons to attend, as well as men recommended and accepted to study for ordination to the Gospel Ministry.

This concludes the Deacon Chairman’s Report.


Respectfully submitted,
Jon Kemp, Deacon Chairman