Deacon Ministry Teams


Deacons at Sugar Creek Baptist Church are expected to support the Lead Pastor, Campus Pastors and staff in accomplishing the ministry of the church. The Deacon Ministry of Sugar Creek Baptist Church is structured around Deacon Led Ministry Teams on each campus.

Each Deacon Led Ministry Team is assigned specific tasks to perform which will serve the various needs of the church as a whole and the assigned campus. Each team, led by a Deacon Coordinator, will be made up of both deacons and non-deacons. The purpose of the Deacon Led Ministry Teams is to relieve a portion of the pastoral ministry tasks from church ministers. The Deacon Led Ministry Teams are expected to complete their ministry tasks, looking to the staff only for direction and some training. We invite members of Sugar Creek to join us in one of these ministries, by contacting the Associate Pastor’s office, 281.242.2858 ext. 1083.

Active deacons are expected to be faithful in attending designated meetings, to be Godly in conduct, word and attitude, to assist in building the harmony of the church and to be a positive influence in helping Sugar Creek Baptist Church accomplish its purpose of Leading All People to Life Change in Christ.

This team is primarily responsible for assisting the Director of Pastoral Care and/or Associate Pastor with establishing the benevolence policy and providing wisdom in managing the benevolence funds of the church. Due to the confidential nature of this task, the Benevolence Team is comprised of Deacons only.

Coordinator: Bill Hensley

This team will be responsible for enhancing the experience of our guests to Sugar Creek Baptist Church. In this capacity the team will serve as Parking Lot Hosts, Ushers, Section Hosts, Door Greeters, and at the Guest Services area. You will be responsible to welcome everyone, but to give special attention to our guests. You will be involved in escorting guests to Connect Classes, Children’s Ministry or to the Worship Center as needed. You will answer questions and share information about the church as you escort guests to the various areas. This team will also provide assistance to families who need help getting vehicles loaded and unloaded (e.g. diaper bags, strollers, etc.).

Coordinator: Jimmy Hassell

This team will be responsible for making weekly visits to church members who are confined in area hospitals. The team will report the results of their visits and the patient’s status to the office of the Director of Pastoral Care. If physical or benevolent needs are identified during the course of a visit, the team in cooperation with the Director of Pastoral Care, will endeavor to identify resources that can address those needs.

Coordinator: Rod Harnden

Job Search Survival is a Christian job skills program. It stresses the importance of being a person of faith and how that will help you through the ups and downs of the job search process. We are Christian in our presentations, our prayers, and our focus. It will not be our intent to ever insult, embarrass, or force our faith on anyone, but we will not back away from the truth of the Bible, and the power of a mighty prayer life on the job search process. Job Search Survival Ministry hopes to: Teach people needing work to find a new job with proven and successful job search skills. Encourage them by showing them total acceptance and Christian love regardless of their personal faith, status, ethnicity and gender. Show them they are special to God and Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

Coordinator: Gary Kyle

This team exists to help uphold the Biblical model of marriage and to assist our pastoral staff in building healthy marriages at Sugar Creek Baptist Church. This program will provide training to Marriage Mentor Couples in the use of an assessment tool which helps premarital and married couples identify their strengths and growth areas in categories such as Communication, Conflict Resolution, Spiritual Beliefs & Financial Management. In addition to the assessment, mentored couples will benefit from the mentoring relationship by engaging in caring conversations concerning essential topics on marriage, parenting and an increased awareness of themselves and their partner. The Marriage Mentor Ministry hopes to help each couple develop marital skills which will equip them to have a Christ-centered marriage.

Coordinator: John Moncrief

The Next Step Ministry is one of the main avenues by which people are led to Christ during the weekend services. The Next Step Ministry exists to pray with those who respond to a pastor’s invitation at the end of every Sunday service. Next Step Guides meet those individuals to pray, accept Jesus as their personal Savior or explain to them the process of becoming a member of Sugar Creek Baptist Church. Next Step Guides are not counselors, rather, they pray with those who either come forward during an altar invitation and/or to the Next Step Center in a safe non-threatening environment. Next Step Guides are provided with initial training before they serve as well as ongoing training. They also assist during other functions at Sugar Creek such as, Adult Baptism Discovery Class, Lunch with the Pastors, Gifts of Love Christmas Event, and Special Baptism Services.

Coordinator: Howard Gee

This team will be responsible for coordinating the assistance needed to help conduct Baptisms and the Lord’s Supper events. This may be done by enlisting fellow deacons to help serve the Lord’s Supper on a quarterly basis or as determined by the Lead Pastor’s Office; by enlisting deacons and deacon wives to serve on a regular rotating basis under the direction of the existing baptism and communion volunteer teams of each ordinance; and at other special services of Sugar Creek Baptist Church..

Coordinators: Ed Poole and Charles McGuire

This team will be responsible for ministering to the physical, spiritual and relational needs of our widows, widowers and nursing home residents. A complete description of their ministry and responsibilities can be found in the church’s Deacon Widow and Widower Ministry Handbook. If physical or benevolent needs are identified during the course of a visit, the team in cooperation with the Director of Pastoral Care, will endeavor to identify resources that can address those needs. They will also work with the Director of Pastoral Care and/or the Pastor of Senior Adults in hosting a Widows’ & Widowers’ banquet as scheduled by the Pastor of Senior Adults.

Coordinator: James Mathis