Jeff Land


Talking to kids about a global pandemic can feel daunting for parents and educators. Sickness, death, government mandates, masks, hand-washing…it can be confusing. That’s where the Children’s Ministry at Sugar Creek stepped in. Led by Pastor Jeff Land, the Creek Kids team developed a video teaching series centered around explaining tough subjects to children in Kindergarten through grade 5. Covering topics like wearing a mask, illness, manners, and even scary weather, the team decided to use one of the friendliest characters in TV history to relay the message, Mr. Rodgers.

Pastor Jeff has always admired Mr. Rodgers saying, “I’ve always loved Mister Rogers, and so I love the way he talks to kids, because he talks to kids about things that are harder for them to understand, I just love his personality.” So it made sense to use this theme to help kids cope with and understand current events.

Now, these videos that first debuted on the Creek Kids Youtube and Facebook, are catching attention nationwide. Pastor Jeff Land has been interviewed and featured in Baptist newspapers and Christian radio with more to come. KLOVE chose Pastor Jeff as one of their featured Positive People! (See articles below)

We are honored to have such a creative and loving team loving and leading the children of Sugar Creek!