New Testament Postcards

March 3-17, 2019

Postcards are how we share short notes with people we love. The smallest books of the Bible are just that – Short messages from the Apostles Paul and John to churches and believers in the early days of Christianity.

Their letters address specific problems and help believers model the love of Jesus to a lost culture. They remind the church of God’s forgiveness and the need to repair broken relationships.

And most importantly, these postcards show us all, how grace and truth can love and lead others to Christ. Join us for this 3-week series as we explore these letters in New Testament Postcards.

Mark Hartman - March 3, 2019

Part 1 – Getting a Wrong Right

March 3, 2019

New Testament Postcards
Part 1 – Getting a Wrong Right

There are some one-chapter books of the New Testament which are rarely taught. Pastor Mark is addressing three of those books in a series entitled, New Testament Postcards. The Book of Philemon is the story of a slave who ran away from his Christian master. As a runaway, that slave encountered the Apostle Paul in Rome and came to faith in Christ. It is an amazing story of freedom, the power of God to restore relationships and to change lives.

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