On Mission 2018 Vision

Even the calamity, Hurricane Harvey, coming into our area, prepared us for a season of open doors into our community. We’re having open access into communities where we were having doors slammed in our face. Now they want to know more about Jesus. They want to fellowship with us. They want to break bread with us. The love of God is being poured out from our church into these communities and it’s breaking new territory. This is an open door right here in our area.

Don Waybright, For HIs GloryWe’re seeing open doors around the world. We’re launching new No Place Left movements in cities like Bogota, Colombia, and San Diego, California. We see an open door throughout Europe. The Muslim invasion has changed the climate of Europe, yet at the same time, God’s opening brand new doors. We’re having breakthroughs because of the disillusionment with Islam. It’s creating new breakthroughs where we have an opportunity to pour forth the gospel like we’ve never had before in the Muslim world. The European church is taking notice of what God is doing among Muslims, and they are jealous, leading to a resurgence of Gospel passion in the traditional churches. The zeal of the Lord is doing this and Sugar Creek is right at the forefront with strategic partnerships in Manchester, UK, Athens, Greece, and Berlin, Germany.

What God has done in the Prisons and in India through the life of this church is unheard of…churches don’t do this! Yet when we join God On Mission we get to see the impossible…and because we have been faithful, bold, and passionate to proclaim His fame, God is opening even more doors. We’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to walk through these open doors and behold the work of the living God, what He’s doing in this day and age.

Part of our obedience to thrust through these Open Doors is our generous giving to the Mission of Sugar Creek. This years Mission Offering Goal is $675,000. There is no better kingdom investment than to give to the On Mission offering of a church like Sugar Creek. Your investment will multiply through the power of God and make a tremendous impact in this region and around the world. Please prayerfully consider making a generous one-time and/or ongoing giving commitment to Sugar Creek Mission Offering that is above and beyond your tithe. Your generosity enables us to engage the open door of ministry that Jesus has prepared for us.

2018 will be an extraordinary year of harvest…let this be the year that you pray more, give more, and go more as our church busts through the open doors for us that no man can shut.