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On Mission Engagement Strategies

Our desire is that every person at Sugar Creek be equipped to SHARE the love of Jesus, and be actively On Mission with Christ. So, the Biblical missions engagement process we employ, throughout our church, is Teach. Train. Go. Teach the Word. Train the workers. Go to the world.

Each of our ministry areas implements this process in ministry-specific and age-appropriate ways. See below for details..

CreekKids Engagement Strategy

Creek Kids on Mission exists to develop our Creek Kids into followers of Christ who understand the importance of Sharing what they know about Christ with others around them and to provide age appropriate ways for Creek Kids to be ministers to those around them by showing the love of Christ through words and deeds. Creek Kids on Mission also demonstrates that by teaching our children early on that they not only CAN share Christ with others, but are called TO share Christ with others, we will raise a generation of children who WILL Christ share with others.

Teach: in year-round programming, CreekKids On Mission will provide missions teaching and awareness through:

  • Special missions & missionary speakers
  • Missions stories
  • Bible studies involving discussion and exploration
  • Large-group teaching times
  • Praying for missions & missionaries – in classes and large group times

All these will begin to inform and answer questions for children such as what is missions, why do we need to do missions, what is a missionary, how can I participate in missions, etc.

Train: training activities through-out the year will involve:

  • Hands-on activities to participate in:
    • making craft items, such as bracelets, for use in missions and mission awareness
    • making cards for missionaries and use in missions
  • Age-appropriate training in how to share the gospel with simple methods, such as 3 Circles.

Go: families of children in CreekKids will have opportunities through the year for activities such as:

  • Serving in local outreach with Sugar Creek’s partner organizations doing:
    • Gifts of Love Christmas outreach program at Sugar Creek
    • Community service or cleanup projects
    • Gospel Conversations training
    • Food distribution & community aid, through service & volunteer opportunities at partner organizations like Second Mile, etc.

Contact Tobi White for more information.

College/Remnant Engagement Strategy


  • Bible teaching series, such as ‘Acts’, offering ongoing mission-focused teaching in Remnant large worship gatherings, will plant and water the seeds of the call for students to live gospel-centered lives
  • That we are to be a “Church on the Move” is a regularly-taught theme throughout Remnant College ministry.


  • small groups provide the opportunity for the seeds of mission call in students’ lives to sprout, to personalize, internalize, and begin to live out the “Church on the Move” theme
  • Remnant ministry is moving toward a 3/3rds model of obedience-based Bible study for all small group meetings


  • Remnant On Mission provides opportunities for students to “do & go” on mission through..
    • gospel-sharing outreaches on their campuses
    • supporting and volunteering in servant leadership roles in our own youth LYF events
    • going on spring break and early summer gospel-sharing & disciple-making short-term trips

Contact Sly Portillo for more information.

LYF Engagement Strategy


  • Sunday mornings LYF worship & teaching


  • weekly Sunday evening LYF groups
  • weekly C2 outreach groups in homes
    • gospel is shared
    • students are equipped to share with others
  • team meetings in preparation for LEAD & other short-term mission trips


  • Spring Break outreaches
  • LEAD Houston summer camp
  • LEAD USA (outside Houston area)
  • Colombia LYF teen trip
  • Thailand, Japan, or other pioneer fields of mission work

Contact Richy Fisher for more information.

Worship Engagement Strategy

Worship on Mission is a dedicated team that uses music as a tool of communication to bring the Word of God to people in a new way while fulfilling our church mission statement “To Love And Lead All People To Life Change In Christ”


  • worship pastor regularly emphasizes and encourages ministry participants to be involved in Gospel Conversations training
  • worship ministry participants are encouraged and welcomed into CONNECT Groups, where missional teaching can be learned in community
  • weekly, before rehearsal, a short devotional is given that facilitates worship ministry participants to live lives that are “growing and going” as disciples of Jesus


  • encourage Gospel Conversations training attendance
  • short-term trip training meetings
  • preparation and training meetings for local worship outreach events do more than just prepare for performance but train in personally connecting, inviting, and sharing with others


  • current opportunities include.. (Acts1:8 “locations”)
    • annual Town Center Tree Lighting program (Jerusalem)
    • hosting Christmas group artists in other venues and outdoors allows worship ministry to use such events to do personal outreach (Jerusalem)
    • annual worship and gospel sharing events at prisons..
      • PAC 1 unit (Judea)
      • Darrington (Judea)
    • short-term worship-oriented trips to other domestic or global locations, i.e. Guadalajara

Contact Tony Price for more information.

Spanish Engagement Strategy

Teach: regular gospel-centered teaching will propel those in our Spanish congregation to affirm their salvation and know Jesus’ commands, understanding that if we “love [Him, we] will obey [His] commands.”

Train: our Spanish congregation will be trained in how to easily share the gospel with others.

Go: opportunities and encouragement will be made for each person to be involved in mission outreach.


Contact Carlos Rodriquez for more information.

Missouri City Engagement Strategy

Teach: regular gospel-centered teaching will propel everyone at our Missouri City campus to affirm their salvation and know Jesus’ commands, understanding that if we “love [Him, we] will obey [His] commands.”

Train: everyone at our Missouri City campus will have opportunity to be trained in how to easily share the gospel with others.

Go: opportunities will be given for every person to be involved in gospel mission outreach.


Contact Keaton Koch for more information.