Peer Mentoring

PeerMentoringThe thought of being mentored is a little daunting to most people. Revealing your innermost struggles and shortcomings might be a bit too revealing for most. But, when done in a good Christian spirit, mentoring can be an incredible, life-changing experience.

A spiritual movement began over a year ago at Sugar Creek. Without any strong structure and relying on God to do His work in His time, life on life investments through mentoring began taking place all across the campus and into the community. Those who have taken part in the movement have seen first-hand how mentoring can build relational intimacy and accountability that has not been found elsewhere.

Because partners are not bound by a set time and place schedule, they are allowed the flexibility that so often is missing from church programming. Peer-mentoring creates accountability relationships and provides the necessary flexibility dictated by busy urban culture. These mentoring partnerships allow two people to coordinate schedule that works for them, instead of trying to align the agendas of up to 20 people.

Successful mentoring also leads to effective family discipleship. Parents have more influence over their children than anyone else. Knowing that, it holds true that being able to disciple your child and model Christ-like behavior in your home assists children and teens in developing a stronger relationship with Christ. This family discipleship model also enables children to share Christ with their friends more easily. These spiritual communities, such as C2 groups, are already in place with the LYF Student Ministry.

The results of peer mentoring are vast and life-long. They offer a path to Christ-centeredness that is hard to find by ones self. Learning from another and being held accountable in a non-threatening environment not only makes the journey easier, but assists in keeping roadblocks at bay.

To learn more about Peer-to-Peer Mentoring and how to get involved with this movement at Sugar Creek, please contact Yvonne Whittington in the Love and Lead division at