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Life difficulties, personal conflicts, emotional pain, and any and all crises that may arise are NOT something we have to endure, but rather an opportunity to “be transformed by the renewing of our minds” (Rom. 12:2) Transformation prayer is prayer that allows people to honestly bring their life struggles to the Lord. Trained facilitators help the person get to the roots of his pain, which is often caused by false beliefs. These beliefs are then held up to God and replaced with His truth, which transforms us. Truth based pain is also dealt with and is often given to the Lord, which results in peace and freedom. We believe that “the peace of Christ can reign in our hearts and minds in every circumstance” (II Thes. 3:16). These one-hour prayer sessions consist of the facilitator, an intercessor, and the recipient.

Trained male and female facilitators are available to pray for anyone (men, women, youth, children) in the beautiful private prayer room at SCBC. Three consecutive weekly sessions are recommended, but not mandatory.

Because of the Coronavirus, we are now providing virtual prayer sessions too!!

Email Kathy at

People desiring sessions should email Kathy with that request and include their cell phone number, and the desired time and date for their session.


Other options for Transformation Prayer sessions are available at (located in Houston and at a country overnight retreat in Bellville) or with Rebecca Akers who does Prayer Ministry and counseling at (located in the Essoon Building right next to SCBC in Sugar Land).

Questions? Call Courtney Parris at 281-242-2858 or visit