God is moving in the Prison Ministry of Sugar Creek


The Prison Ministry at Sugar Creek focuses on one-on-one discipleship/mentoring of men, and women, who are incarcerated in county jails and federal prisons.  Sugar Creek members share the Good News and teach inmates the basic disciplines of the Christian life. They share hope and encouragement with men and women that have none.

If you would like to participate in this ministry, please contact:  ghill@sugarcreek.net.

More information on these prison ministries

Sugar Creek is very active in ministering in the Ft. Bend County Jail in Richmond TX.  We currently have trained “spiritual mentors” that are assigned to an inmate who has requested help to get them back on track in life.  These mentors meet with their mentee once a week and act as encouragers, prayer warriors and bible discussion leaders for these hurting people.  Many of these incarcerated have come to faith in Christ and started to grow in their faith.  This is a highly effective ministry and one that is a blessing to those that mentor.

Sugar Creek is active in ministering in the T.D.C.J. system here in Texas. Specifically, at the Memorial Unit (formerly Darrington), an 1,800 man maximum security prison unit in Rosharon Tx, just 30 minutes south of the Sugar Creek main campus. We are currently conducting two programs there with the inmates.

Memorial Unit, located in Rosharon, Texas currently houses over 1,800 inmates who have committed crimes ranging from possession of a controlled substance to capital murder. Though locked inside this correctional facility, men are experiencing God’s freedom through the ministry of Sugar Creek.

Sugar Creek shares two programs there with the inmates.

Malachi Dads is an 8 month, Tuesday night bible study with inmate fathers who want to learn how to be an effective dad and father from prison. Most of these inmates did not grow up with a father so they didn’t have a role model to follow in parenting their children. This study, led by trained laymen from Sugar Creek and other local churches, meets the need in every child in that they want and seek after their father’s approval. It teaches them that they can speak into their child’s life and give them direction, instruction and love. The results of this program have been amazing. Children and fathers have been reconciled to each other with the long term impact of their renewed relationship helping to keep their children from following them into prison. This program is reducing that cycle.


Day With Dad is a two day event in early November where 40 inmate dads are selected to have their children come spend a Saturday with them in the prison. The day before is spent with just the men being taught how to be a good, Godly father to their children and how they can bless their children. This is a very emotional time for the children, dads and volunteers. For some of the children it has been years since they have seen their dad. Some have even met for the first time at this event.


Recently at Coffield Prison, the largest prison in Texas, Sugar Creek pastors completed a mid-level, 4-fields disciple-making training with 50 multiplying inmate leaders. Since 2015, inmates in the unit have developed five streams of 4th generation disciples, 15 streams of 3rd generation disciples, and a large number of 2nd generation disciples. They also have multiple disciple-making groups that function as a church in 21 of 24 living areas in the prison.
Recently, one of the 4th generation leaders led a correction officer to the Lord. The inmate asked the officer to lay his hand on the leader’s Bible and surrender his life to Jesus.  The leader that led the officer to Christ is imprisoned with a life sentence for killing a police officer.  

Here is a list of the men at the Coffield unit that have been certified in the 4 Fields/3 Circles Gospel Training as of June 2017.  This list continues to grow.

Gospel Conversation Training 

Inmates at the TDCJ Coffield Unit that have completed the 4 Fields Basic Training and 4 Fields Advanced Training

 4 Fields 4 Fields
Brandon AuthementMar. 2014Jan. 2017
David LudwickMar. 2014Jan. 2017
Dustin BallOct. 2016Jan. 2017
Farias RamiroOct. 2016Jan. 2017
Stephen HeardOct. 2016Jan. 2017
Anthony MitchellOct. 2016Jan. 2017
Edgard ArronaOct. 2016Jan. 2017
Isaiah RobertsMay 2017Jan. 2017
Marvin ArkansasMay 2017 
Candelario CerdaMay 2017 
Hector MartinezMay 2017 
Michael VidalMay 2017 
Bradford SimsMay 2017 
Mark JacksonMay 2017 
Pete GonzalesMay 2017 
Terry SpeedMay 2017 
Obie TuttMay 2017 
Sean RaccaMay 2017 
Samuel RiveraMay 2017 
Keydrin ArceneauxMay 2017 
Adrian PerezMay 2017 
David PesqueraMay 2017 
Enrique CruzMay 2017 
Justin UptonMay 2017 
Kenneth KerrMay 2017 
Arthur McSwainMay 2017 
Jason BelcherMay 2017 
Casper MooreMay 2017 
 Completed 4 Fields BasicJanuary 2018

Christopher Blythe
Sammie Bryant
William Budro
Bruce Butler
Stewart Childers
Dave Cisneros
Anthony Cornelius
Serillo DeLeon
Eloy Garcia
Pete Garcia
Roger Goodwin
Troy Griffin
Harold Halbrook
John B. Hendrix
Jose Hernandez
Brandon Lovingood

Arthur Mcswain
Daryl Miles
Muhammad Mills Michael Morgan
Merrill Morton
Tyson Nolen 
Jason Perez
William Rankin Armando Ruiz Jr.
John David Smith
Everett Taylor
Lupe Trevino
Jeremy Walters
Kyle Walters
James Willis
Michael A. Woolsey William Jennings Jr.


Gospel Conversation Training 

Inmates at the TDCJ Beto Unit that have completed the 4 Fields Basic Training and 4 Fields Advanced Training

 4 Fields Basic4 Fields Advanced
Doug BairdApril 2018July 2018
Brian KohlApril 2018July 2018
Carlos RodriquezApril 2018July 2018
Emmett BanksNov. 2018 
Vonderic BArlow Nov. 2018 
Avanti Baugus Nov. 2018 
Walter Jackson Nov. 2018 
Anthony Lewis Nov. 2018 
Timmy Saenz Nov. 2018 
John Turnbos Nov. 2018 

Gospel Conversation Training 

Inmates at the TDCJ Ellis Unit that have completed the 4 Fields 2 Program

 4 Fields 2 
Marcus OrtizApril 2020  
Chris MeullionApril 2020 
Ralph Cantu April 2020