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In our 43 year history, God has led Sugar Creek through several defining moments. Each one was marked by sacrificial generosity and a passion for reaching people for Jesus. The REACH Beyond campaign represents the next defining moment for our church as we raise $5.7 million dollars to reach people for Christ in our area and around the world.


God often gives us seemingly out-of-reach dreams so we cannot accomplish them through our own ability.

We have a goal of raising $5.7 million above our annual ministry budget through 2-year commitments. Raising this amount of money is no small task, but we know God can do immeasurably more than what we ask for or imagine. To REACH Beyond  requires the courage to acknowledge His calling and the faith to put it into action.

Reach Beyond Strategy 1

$2.6 Million

Pay off the Missouri City Campus property to eliminate our debt.

Eliminating the debt we owe on the Missouri City property will not only save us money on interest payments, it allows us to move $310,000 from debt service to ministry.

Reach Beyond Strategy 2

$2.4 Million

Launch a campus to reach the next part of our region.   

We are excited about the ministry opportunities in the Richmond and Rosenberg region and believe it is the most strategic location for the next Sugar Creek campus.

Reach Beyond Strategy 3


Help us reach our annual Missions Month Goal.

This offering is added to our Mission operating budget to further fund local and international missions projects.

Watch this overview video for more information on the REACH Beyond campaign.

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REACH Beyond includes…

Pay off the Missouri City Building

Reach Richmond/Rosenberg

Fund our Missions Month Goal

Estimated Cost: $5,700,000