Creek Kids Self Check-inWhy are we using self check-in?
Adding new options for check-in will help us prevent crowds or lines—and that helps our church reach more people! Self check-in will be faster for you and will allow more personal attention to new families.

How does self check-in work?
Beginning January 8, 2017, if you have pre-registered you may use self check-in. Our system uses a biometric reader. You check in by touching your finger to a scanner.  Once your fingerprint is read, your family members’ names will appear on the screen. Touch the screen to select those who need to check in. Their classroom assignments will be connected with their names. Name tags/security labels will print out.

How do I register for self check-in?
Look for the signs in or near the Commons area in the weeks ahead. Registration takes about 5 minutes. Each individual fills out a simple card.

Do I have to use self check-in?
No. You may still use assisted check-in as always.

Where will self check-in stations be located?
We are in the process of identifying best locations.

Which members of a family should have their fingerprints scanned?
Anyone 14 or older who may check in younger children may choose to have their prints scanned.

Is my fingerprint stored in a secure way?
In the system we are using, complete fingerprints are not used at all. Rather, certain data points of the print are stored. We believe this protects all of us.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at