Serve at LYFAs a student starts deepening their faith, they begin to realize that God desires them to turn their attention outward to serve others. This is accomplished by serving in the church and youth ministry for the purpose of building up the body of Christ, and to embrace the Great Commission and live a missional life.

Ministry teams are created at LYF for students to serve.  Some of these teams include: greet team, coffee shop team, tech team, worship band, worship vocalist, prayer team, C2 leadership.  Students can explore how you can use your gifts and passions at LYF, please contact Pastor Tim Homa(High School),  Pastor Mark McCutcheon (Middle School) Elizabeth Petticrew (Worship /Production), Heather Stater (Greet Team), or Mady Hart (Coffee Shop). 

Mission opportunities are being planned and will be available soon.  Mark your calendars for upcoming dates:
November 12
Mission Banquet 
December 9
Gifts of Love
July 2 – 6
LEAD Houston