Volunteer at Student Ministry

More than ever, young people today need adults who authentically care about them. Our desire is to help train and equip adults to use their gifts and abilities to reach this generation for Christ. Below is a list of opportunities that we have for adults to serve.

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  • Worship Teacher: this position requires that a volunteer have the skill and gift set to facilitate Biblical learning through engaging, interactive Bible Study, while encouraging students to connect with one another, teachers, leaders, and ultimately Jesus Christ. (Service Opportunities: Sunday 9-10:30 am, 11-12:30 pm.
  • Door Greeter: greets students as they enter
  • Welcome Center: helps visitors with information and finding classrooms.
  • Check-In Station Assistant: helps students navigate the check-in system and sign-in.
  • Encourager: roams the LYF Center looking for students disconnected and disengaged and helping them connect with other students (Service Opportunities: Sundays’ 8:30 – 9:4 5am, 9:45 – 11:30 am, 4-5:30 pm).
  • Coffee Shop: contained in the LYF Center is a 3,000 sq foot coffee shop where students can purchase snacks, drinks and hang out with friends. Volunteers help serve, prepare and meet students. (Service Opportunities: Sunday 8:30-10:3 am, 10:30 – 12:30 pm, 4-7:30pm).
  • Production: volunteers in our production area help provide support for all Student performances including special events like LEAD Houston and Camp LYF. (Service Opportunities: Sunday’s 9:30-10:30 am, 3pm-6pm).
  • Discipleship Group Leaders: LYF Group leaders help teenagers to deepen their walk with God in groups of 5-10. Our discipleship event is on Sunday evenings + hours throughout the week.
  • Main Campus Kiosk: Volunteers on this team help answer questions about the student ministry and assist first time students with finding the LYF Center.
  • Main Campus Liason: take students to the LYF Center via the bus terminal.
  • C2 Food Prep: assist C2 host home in coordinating and cooking food for a C2 home.
  • C2 Host Home: allows a C2 to meet at a home during the school calendar.
  • C2 Guest Speaker: speaks at various C2 meetings throughout the year.
  • Office Help: assist in the LYF Student Ministry office.

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