Baby DedicationDo you have an interest in participating in an upcoming Baby Dedication?  Our new First Steps Parent Workshop is a pre-requisite for scheduling a dedication for your child.  

Sugar Land:
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Missouri City:
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Please click HERE  for more Parent/Baby Dedication guidelines. Contact Melinda Phillips at for more information. 

Baby Dedications are a wonderful time for families to come before the church body to acknowledge that babies are a great gift from God!  Parents are asking for prayers and encouragement as they desire to raise their children according to God’s standards in the Bible.

The act of dedicating a child to God was a common practice in Old and New Testament times.  As believers in Christ, we dedicate children for many of the same reasons because it is:

  • An opportunity for parents to acknowledge God’s incredible blessing of children as a gift from God.  (Psalm 127:3)
  • A formal recognition that the child belongs to God. (Psalm 24:1)
  • A public commitment on the part of the parents and body of Christ to teach God’s Word and encourage them in the spiritual development.  (Deut. 6:5-7)
  • A challenge for parents to raise and discipline their children according to God’s standards.  (Ephesians 6:4)