Remnant 115

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Remnant 115 is Sugar Creek Baptist Church’s college ministry in Sugar Land, TX. We exist to introduce college students to Jesus Christ and call them to walk with Him for a lifetime. We accomplish this through worship, Bible teaching and resources. By God’s power and for His glory, we live to proclaim the gospel of Christ to college students and connect them to Christ’s community and His mission.

We have 2 main gatherings each week. We meet on Sunday mornings in Gym 2 on the second floor in the Family Center Building to worship and then study God’s Word as one body. This is a safe place to share ideas and ask difficult questions about the Christian faith and the Bible. On occasion, we have breakfast socials so people can get to know one another.

We also meet on Tuesday nights for a midweek worship service. We meet in the LYF Center for study and coffee at 5 PM. The worship service begins at 7:30 pm and includes a Bible study. We believe the Bible is still applicable to this generation and relevant to our lives. Jesus is our focus and our desire is to be more like Him. We hope Remnant Tuesday can be a place for you.


Sunday Bible Fellowship

9:30 – 10:45am – Gym 2 on the second floor in the Family Center Building

Tuesday Mid-Week Service

5 PM – Study and Coffee
7:30 PM – Worship Service in the LYF Center

Another vital aspect of Remnant is small group community time.  God never intended us to walk though the Christian life alone.  Guys and girls small groups meet during the week for fellowship, accountability, prayer and Biblical study.  Contact Elizabeth Petticrew at for the meeting days, times, and locations. 

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