LYF YOUTH Ministries at Sugar Creek helps develop tomorrow’s Christian leaders, today.

LYF Center
The LYF Center is where our Sunday services happenand special events throughout the year. It is located at Hwy 59 and Hwy 90.

13444 Southwest Fwy,Sugar Land, TX 77478


At the LYF Center, you will find..

Pool and Ping-pong Tables

We currently offer one pool table for all your table game enjoyment. The pool table is a first come first serve

Student MinistryHang-Out

Find a couch and some friends and just talk…. The LYF Center is a great environment to catch up with friends from school and church.

Coffee Shop

Open before and after all services, the coffee shop is full of eats and drinks. All orders are done via cash payment. Currently offering various hot/cold drinks, snacks, gum


We currently offer multiple wii stations for you to compete with your friends. Who needs to play sports when you can lift a remote?  We also offer multiple guitar hero stations that are dedicated to helping you in your endeavor to become the next greatest guitarist. We guarantee that you will walk out a guitar playing fool……