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Mark Hartman - September 17, 2017

Part 3 – When God Doesn’t Come

September 17, 2017
Unshakable – Making the Most of Hard Times
Part 3 – When God Doesn’t Come
(Genesis 50: 18-22)
Has it ever seemed to you that God just isn’t coming through? Does it seem He is totally silent when you were just sure He would “turn the tide”? What should you do when you face these kinds of moments?

From Series: "Unshakable – Making the Most of Hard Times"

Everyone goes through hard times. Sometimes we bring them upon ourselves and other times we are just innocent victims wondering what happened, why me and how can I get to the other side of this? Life happens. Maybe it’s “your turn” and you are wondering what to do next. Amazingly, the Bible is full of wisdom to help us be UNSHAKABLE during these days. We’re exploring God’s great truths of how to respond to these moments with strength and courage.

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