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Mark Hartman - January 19, 2020

Part 1 – How God Designed Marriage 

After the Honeymoon

January 19, 2020

  After the Honeymoon
Part 1 – How God Designed Marriage 
Genesis 2:18-25

If you have ever assembled furniture or a piece of equipment, you’ve quickly realized that it’s always better when you actually follow the designer’s manual. This week, we will look at the origin of marriage and God’s design for it. From the first marriage to every marriage since then, God has a plan and a wonderful design for marriage that will produce abiding joy and genuine intimacy. Join us as we take a look at God’s masterful design for marriage.

From Series: "After the Honeymoon"

Marriage is more than a warm fuzzy feeling you experience during the honeymoon phase. It’s what happens after that matters. A great marriage doesn’t magically happen. It’s getting through the highs and lows together as a couple with God at the center, that builds a successful marriage. This series will challenge and inspire married couples and those considering marriage. Discover when you desire God’s best for your marriage, you can extend your honeymoon for a lifetime.

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