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Mark Hartman - August 14, 2016

Part A - Actively Practices Spiritual Disciplines

(Matthew 16:24-26) We already know that developing regular habits and disciplines in our lives is the key to good hygiene and good health. Regular baths, brushing our teeth, a good solid deodorant… these are good habits! The same is true about paying our bills, taking care of our car and pretty much any other thing in our life. So, doesn’t it make sense that practicing good solid spiritual disciplines would be the make or break of the “inside” of our lives, too? How do we do that?

From Series: "Live for a Change"

How would you describe the spiritual journey that you are on? Are you growing closer to God and how do you know for sure? Pastor Mark is excited about this new message series, “Live for a C-H-A-N-G-E”, where we will begin to understand and explore where we stand in our walk with God and where He wants us to be. Begin to truly soar in your walk with God.

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