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Mark Hartman - September 6, 2020

Part 6 – Focus On The Promises

September 6, 2020

Part 6 – Focus On The Promises

God has given us promises. Today we must claim them by faith but one day, we will declare by sight because God will bring them to pass. You won’t have to wait until heaven to see the rescue of God. You will see His Hand and His Strength in your life here on earth as you claim His promises. You will witness God deliver you time after time and fulfill His promises in your life. You will see it throughout this coronavirus and beyond. Pastor Mark teaches how to recognize our problems but focus on God’s promises. Psalm 68:1 tells us to let God arise and His enemies be scattered.

From Series: "Hope at the End of Your Rope"

You probably can remember a time when you made your plans and formed your dreams, only to see everything fall apart because of some situation. Those unexpected interruptions we all go through hurt so much. The global pandemic is a clear example of that. But, how would your life change if there was a way for the next interruption to be a successful redirection to something better? Moreover, what if there was a way to help you see it as God’s intervention redirecting you towards an unexpected purpose? Join us as we conclude our series “Life Interrupted” by learning the key to a successful life redirection.

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