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Mark Hartman - October 18, 2020

Part 3 - Revive Our Nation

October 18, 2020

Revive Us Again
Part 3 - Revive Our Nation

All of us love our country and are so grateful for America. We know the goodness of this country and how God has used and blessed it through the centuries. But today America needs Christ followers more than at any other time to pray and seek God’s Face and lead in a returning to God.

From Series: "Revive Us Again"

We are all living lives that are busy, constantly changing, interrupted by breaking news or bombarded by updates from our news outlets. In all of this and more, our focus has simply been on SURVIVAL. But now it’s time to change our focus to REVIVAL. It is time to return to what is most important, what is lasting, and what will matter for all eternity. God is calling our church to a time of personal and collective renewal. God is also calling us to stand on behalf of our nation and pray for renewal. Join us for the next three weeks as we ask God to Revive Us Again.

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