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Mark Hartman - May 15, 2016

So, What’s YOUR Motive?

(Matthew 6:1-8; 16-18) Part 7 of Inside Out: Living Life on a Deeper Level. It’s all been about getting out of the religion mode of rules and rituals and getting into the relationship mode of a heart to heart connection with God. That’s is what Jesus was talking about all through this section of Matthew. Join us as we conclude this series and focus in on “What is YOUR motive?” Why do you do what you do for God?

From Series: "Inside Out"

We often try to solve life issues by dealing with the symptoms on the outside without ever dealing with the cause on the inside. This leads to persistent conflicts, unresolved tensions, and broken relationships. However, Jesus addresses the heart and soul of life’s major issues so that we overcome them from the inside out.

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