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Mark Hartman - May 10, 2015

How To Treat Someone Who Is Different

What Would Jesus Say?

Part 4 – How To Treat Someone Who Is Different Luke 10:25-37 Are you a good neighbor? Most people would probably readily say “Yes!” about themselves but do we really know what that means? Who is our neighbor? Jesus provided that answer and the standard by which we can evaluate our own lives through a parable. His response to this is very surprising. Pastor Mark helps us take the next step of being more like God through the words of Jesus.

From Series: "What Would Jesus Say?"

Through these messages, Pastor Mark walks us through the Parables, answering some of life’s most intriguing questions; “How Can I Hear God?”, “Does Praying Actually Work?” and “What Happens After I Die?” Join us as we discover together how Jesus would have answered!

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