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Mark Hartman - October 29, 2023

Part 3 – Learning How To Love Better

October 29, 2023

Part 3 – Learning How To Love Better
(Ephesians 4:32-5:2)

All of us need others. It is how God made us. But sometimes the “others” in our life are difficult to live with. Sometimes others think the same about us. We want to have good relationships but what do you do when a friendship gets broken? How can we come back to healing? That is what our new 4 part series is about entitled, “Healing Broken Relationships.” We are going to talk about how to better get along with others through better controlling our words and reactions. We are going to better understand the process of how a relationship breaks and how to bring it back. We are going to learn how to better live in love and selflessness. All of these relationship helps will come from Ephesians 4 & 5.

From Series: "Healing Broken Relationships"

We all rely on others, as it's how God made us. But sometimes these relationships can be challenging, and the feeling may be mutual. In this 4-part series, we'll explore how to mend friendships when they break. We'll discuss improving our communication and reactions for better relationships, understanding why relationships break and how to restore them, ultimately fostering love and selflessness in our lives.

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