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Mark Hartman - November 8, 2020

Part 3 – What The Bible Teaches About

November 8, 2020

Rising Above Hard Times
Part 3 – What The Bible Teaches About Supernatural Healing
James 5:14-16

Sickness strikes all of our lives from time to time. God doesn’t promise to supernaturally heal us every time. We thank the Lord for doctors, medicines and good common sense when it comes to our bodies. God also does still supernaturally heal. Let's see what the Bible say about that.

From Series: "Rising Above Hard Times"

We encounter hard times periodically throughout our lives. In 2020 we have all been, to one degree or another, in a mode of constant crisis management. Interestingly, God led us to go through the Book of James together this year. It has been uncanny how this little book has so blessed and guided our lives through the year of COVID. We have reached the last series which involves the last chapter in James, chapter 5. This chapter is all about Rising Above Hard Times. James addresses the issues of injustice, enduring when the bad won’t stop, supernatural healing, prayer and helping to rescue someone we love who has fallen by the wayside. How do we rise above the hard times we experience? Our Father will teach through His Word as we explore the final chapter of the amazingly practical Book of James.

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