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Libin Abraham - March 11, 2018

Part 5 - Releasing Regret

March 11, 2018
Get a Grip
Part 5 - Releasing Regret
Most decisions we make in life result in rewards or regrets. While the rewarding elements of life mark us with celebrations and joy, the regretful ones leave us disappointed and at times even paralyzed from moving forward. This weekend we will look at God’s instructions on how we release the weight of the deepest regrets in life so that we can step into today, and be free from our past. Join us this weekend as we continue Get A Grip!

From Series: "Get a Grip"

Emotions are just a part of life for all of us. It is how God wired the human race. Sometimes those emotions can be our great strength but other times they can limit or even enslave our lives. They don’t have to be our limitation! We really can learn how to live in emotional freedom. Our teaching team of Lead Pastor Mark Hartman and Pastors Libin Abraham and Richy Fisher will show us from God’s Word how to “Get A Grip” on the most impactful emotions we experience.

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