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Libin Abraham - August 19, 2018

Part 3 - What Really Matters To Us?

August 19, 2018

Who We Are: A People On Mission
Part 3: What Really Matters To Us?
Acts 2:42-47

When we think of Church, a variety of images and descriptions come to mind. Many great and maybe some not so great. What if the only description of Church you had in mind was how the early church was first described in the book of Acts? What if that was the only reference point for how we lived out our individual lives as well as our corporate life as a church. In our next segment of Who We Are, we are looking back thousands of years to learn from the early church what really mattered to them and what should really matter to us. The values of the early church speak volumes into how we ought to live and how we ought to be church that God has called us to be!

From Series: "Who We Are: A People On Mission"

It is possible to drift along through life with a lack of direction and forget who we are. Every so often we need a reminder about who we are and who God has called us to be. In this series Pastor Mark will help you get back to your roots. Not only as a follower of Christ, but as a church. This will be a defining moment for our future at Sugar Creek!

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