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Mark Hartman - February 26, 2017

Part 1 - How Can I Be Truly Happy?

More Than an Emoji

Part 1 - How Can I Be Truly Happy? (Psalm 1) Everyone wants to be happy but for many, maybe most, happiness seems to be elusive. For many, just when they think they have it, it disappears. Can we be truly happy? The Bible’s answer is definite. Yes! So, how? That is what we will talk about this Sunday as we begin a new series entitled, “More Than An Emoji.”

From Series: "More Than an Emoji"

Chances are that you, just like every other person, want Happiness, Hope, Confidence and all the other positive emotions of life. Aren’t we constantly attempting to find old and new ways to secure those feelings through our relationships, careers or some other means? If you think about it, we live in such a rushed world and are bombarded with so much information that sometimes we substitute quality and depth of life for the “immediate”. When that happens, we end up with not much more than emoji’s…just symbols of what we feel or want to feel instead of what actually matters. But what if there is More? Something that lasts and is so much Deeper? Something that comes not from within in or around you, but from God. Why not find something that is deep and sustaining for your life… something More Than An Emoji!

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