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Mark Hartman - August 23, 2020

Part 4 – Attitude That Gives Us Altitude

Hope at the End of Your Rope

August 23, 2020

Hope At The End Of Your Rope
Part 4 – Attitude That Gives Us Altitude
Acts 16:6 40

All of us know that our attitude is one of the most important aspects of life. In many ways, our attitude makes or breaks who we really are. But how can you have a Godly attitude when everything seems to be against you? Pastor Mark’s message will take us to a bizarre story from the book of Acts that teaches us that the power of a faith-based attitude can turn even the hardest of times.

From Series: "Hope at the End of Your Rope"

You probably can remember a time when you made your plans and formed your dreams, only to see everything fall apart because of some situation. Those unexpected interruptions we all go through hurt so much. The global pandemic is a clear example of that. But, how would your life change if there was a way for the next interruption to be a successful redirection to something better? Moreover, what if there was a way to help you see it as God’s intervention redirecting you towards an unexpected purpose? Join us as we conclude our series “Life Interrupted” by learning the key to a successful life redirection.

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