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Worship Ministry

Worship Covenant



1. That my first and overarching allegiance as a member of this Worship Ministry is to Jesus and is a way of saying, "Yes!' to His call, and to affirm the covenant I am making.

2. That the other members of the Worship Ministry depend on my faithfulness in answering my call.

3. That as I respond to God's call, I will be faithful in attendance and adherence to the explanation and expectations stated in our Worship Ministry Handbook.

4. That in this Worship Ministry, faithfulness to the call is in part represented by my commitment to a full season of ministry, including special ministry opportunities as they may arise, barring unforeseen circumstances.

Understanding the foregoing to be essential to the success of the Worship Ministry in answering to its calling, I hereby covenant with God and with the Worship Ministry to live out my calling for this season of ministry, as He enables me.

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