Mission Trips

Sugar Creek works with world-class partners that are actively engaged in discipleship. Our trip participants help our partners make an impact with the gospel in their ministry field. Our goal is to send teams that can strengthen and reinforce the work they are currently doing. We provide trip participants with the appropriate training for each trip. We ensure that you will be confident and prepared for every task.

Members are eligible for a 50% scholarship. Ex. If the trip cost is $2000.00 and fundraising protocols are followed, Sugar Creek will pay $1000 towards the trip. This means the trip participant will only raise $1000. Team leaders train each participant on the fundraising process. They will aid in the writing of the fundraising letter and teach you how to raise support and awareness. Each team leader has been through the process before and is happy to help you.

Nepal MIssions

Nepal | Evangelism | $2500
Three different options: February 24 – March 5
l August 11 – 20 l September 1-10

Teams work with key Nepalese leaders to connect local communities to local churches. Trip participants will present the gospel to families and friends of local church members and surrounding communities. With the help of local translators, participants expand the reach of the local church. Participants will receive cross-cultural evangelism training so they can share the gospel and help new believers connect to churches formed by previous Sugar Creek Teams. This is a unique opportunity to be a part of an amazing movement in a beautiful and culturally rich region in South Asia. Participants must be at least 18 years old.

Feb 24 – Mar 5

AUG 11 – 20

Sept 1 – 10

Baltimore Missions

Baltimore | Evangelism | $1000

March 10-16

Engage in ministry near the historic Fell’s point. Fell’s Point was the second largest point of immigration to the U.S. after New York’s Ellis Island. Participants will serve the community through food and clothing distribution. Our Local partners have a reputation for compassion and serve hundreds of pounds of food each week to Baltimore’s most vulnerable. Trip participants will join our local partner in evangelism and participate in Sunday morning worship with the Local Church. Participants must be at least 18 years old.


Student Mission Trip to Colombia

Colombia | Students | $2000

Dates: March 10- 18

This special trip is for students 9-12th grade participating in our student ministry leadership program. Students will be partnering with Conviventia. Students will share their faith with others and lead a cross-cultural VBS. Students will also engage in meaningful beautification projects. These young leaders will be learning sacrificial love and service. This is bound to be a formative trip for your LAB student.


Japan Ministies

Japan | College and Young Adults | $2500

May 12 – 20

College students and young adults will have an opportunity to experience the splendid history and modern wonders of Japan as you work with our missionary and local leaders to expand the reach of their church through evangelism. Participants must be at least 18 years old.


Japan Ministies

Japan | Evangelism | $2500

June 10 – 18

Participants will work with local leaders and our long-term missionary to share the story of Jesus in culturally relevant ways. Participants will also learn about the rich culture and history, and religions of Japan. Participants must be at least 18 years old.


Honduras Missions

Honduras | Medical Brigade and Families | $2000

June 17 – 24

Named for its deep waters along the coast, the lush landscape provides a beautiful backdrop for life-changing ministry. On this family-friendly trip, participants serve with our local partners to share the love of Jesus in three loving expressions: Ministering to the local health Needs in a medical brigade, leading an exciting and impactful VBS for local families, and reaching the local communities through evangelism. Honduras provides an opportunity to serve as a whole family. Participants need to be at least 12 years old.


Colombia Mission Trip

Colombia | Evangelism and Construction | $2000

July 15 – 22

In partnership with Conviventia and a local church in La Guajira, the team will help build a structure to help the local church hold services and community outreach events. Participants will also be able to share the gospel with the Wayuu people in Northern Colombia.


Colombia Mission Trip

Colombia | Student Leadership | $2000

July 22 – 29

If you are passionate about investing in and developing young leaders, this trip will be the perfect fit. On this trip, you will work with our local partner to provide a spiritual and leadership development retreat for soon-to-be high school graduates. You will be amazed at how taking them away from their day-to-day life to spend time in worship, hearing from God, games, and instructions will help these students make life-changing decisions that will draw them closer to God and His plan for their lives. Participants must be at least 18 years old.


Columbia Mission Trips

Colombia | Evangelism | $2000

August 5 – 12

Work with our local partner and church leaders to equip and mobilize Christians in the beautiful coastal city of Cartagena to share the gospel with the people around them. On this trip, you will have a unique opportunity to build relationships with members of local churches, train them to share their faith, and go out with them to share the gospel with people in their circle of influence. Participants must be at least 18 years old.


Columbia Medical

Colombia | Medical Brigades | $2000

September 30 – October 8

This team will staff daily medical clinics in several remote cities in the region. They serve both the indigenous population and the Venezuelan refugees. The team will be transported into hard-to-reach areas desperate for medical attention. This is a tremendous opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a tangible way.


India Missions

India | Evangelism | $2500

October 6 – 15

In the second most populous country in the world, Sugar Creek mission teams work with leaders to connect local communities to local churches. India has the most people in the world that have never heard the name of Jesus. Participants have a unique opportunity for evangelism in a largely unreached country. Participants get to be a light where light has never gone before. Participants must be at least 18.


Extreme Team

Nepal | Extreme Team | $2500

October 10 – 20

Participants will share the gospel and work to plant churches among the unreached people of the Himalayas. Many unreached people never hear the gospel due to the physical barriers of the terrain. Participants train together for this trip to overcome those physical barriers to share the gospel with those who have never heard the name of Jesus. This team must be well prepared physically and spiritually. Requirements include running 5 miles in under 45 minutes and attending our evangelism training. Participants must be at least 18 years old.


Foundation Teams

Foundations Teams | All Nations | Sponsored

This two-person team is part of teaching emerging ministry leaders how to teach the bible to their churches and community. Participants walk the local pastors and leaders from creation to Christ with an inductive bible study method and oral storytelling. Participants must be equipped with our foundations’ training to become part of the foundations’ team leader roster. As teams are requested by foreign churches, Sugar Creek Mission staff will choose a team of two from the roster. This trip puts a participant in a teaching and training role, sent to areas where there has been great church growth and local Churches have a need for more biblically literate leaders.