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Power Living – Part 4

POWER LIVING Part 4 – The Power of Sharing Jesus with Others Romans 9:1-3 June 24, 2018 Dr. Mark S. Hartman, Lead Pastor   INTRODUCTION 2 Timothy 1:7  God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and self-discipline. Romans 9:1-3  I speak the truth in Christ – I

What is On Mission

Through the church, God is showing off all His multi-faceted brilliance to all the powers in the heavens and on earth. Our glorious God does this through His church joined with Him on His mission. What we are seeing at Sugar Creek is a people that feel the heart of God’s passion and

Sugar Creek Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry at Sugar Creek focuses on one-on-one discipleship/mentoring of men, and women, who are incarcerated in county jails and federal prisons.

Entrenamiento de Evangelismo Personal

Más de 1,400 adultos han sido parte del entrenamiento en los últimos tres años. Este entrenamiento de alto impacto ha sido renovado para proveerte la mejor instrucción disponible. Cuenta con tres niveles de Entrenamiento Conversacional del Evangelio. Cada nivel enseña herramientas eficientes, pero potentes y reproducibles que utilizamos en nuestras estrategias de misión