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Missions Training and Resources

Missions Ministry Training and Resources Gospel Conversation Training 1 In this interactive time of spiritual growth we learn God’s plan for the redemption of humanity and understanding Jesus’ command to go and make disciples. We learn how to find where God has opened doors for us to have Gospel

Mission Partners

Local Partnerships Second Mile Second Mile has been serving people in Fort Bend since 1990 and has the infrastructure and processes to serve a high volume of people in a short time while also building deep relationships. By serving at Second Mile, you can help provide food,

Entrenamiento de Evangelismo Personal

Más de 1,400 adultos han sido parte del entrenamiento en los últimos tres años. Este entrenamiento de alto impacto ha sido renovado para proveerte la mejor instrucción disponible. Cuenta con tres niveles de Entrenamiento Conversacional del Evangelio. Cada nivel enseña herramientas eficientes, pero potentes y reproducibles que utilizamos en nuestras estrategias de misión